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Release date: November 2006
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Glass range of Furni first appeared in Switzerland, November 2006 (red only). The other colours soon followed across the hotels - Aqua and Blue in March 2007 in Denmark, Beige in April 2007 in Australia, Black in May 2007 in Canada, Yellow in May 2007 (table in Italy, full range Sweden), Green also appeared in May 2007 in Germany, Pink in August 2007 in Singapore and Grey appeared in February 2008 in Canada. The glass range of furniture is sometimes regarded as the most simple, despite the wide range of variety and colours.


Name Image Motto
Glass Shelf Glass shelves.gif null
Glass Sofa Glass bench aqua.gifGlass bench beige.gifGlass bench black.gifGlass bench blue.gifGlass bench green.gifGlass bench grey.gifGlass bench pink.gifGlass bench red.gifGlass bench yellow.gif Will send a shiver down your spine!
Glass Chair  Glass chair aqua.gif Glass chair beige.gif Glass chair black.gif Glass chair blue.gif Glass chair green.gif Glass chair grey.gif Glass chair pink.gif Glass chair red.gif Glass chair yellow.gif Sit back and relax.
Glass Stool  Glass sidetable aqua.gif Glass sidetable beige.gif Glass sidetable black.gif Glass sidetable blue.gif Glass sidetable green.gif Glass sidetable grey.gif Glass sidetable pink.gif Glass sidetable red.gif Glass sidetable yellow.gif Take a seat!
Glass Table  Glass table aqua.gif Glass table beige.gif Glass table black.gif Glass table blue.gif Glass table green.gif Glass table grey.gif Glass table pink.gif Glass table red.gif Glass table yellow.gif See through to the floor!