The Great Unmute

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The Great Unmute logo.

The Great Unmute was an interactive Sulake website designed to garner input from the international Habbo community. The event was opened on June 20th, 2012 and was a chance for users to submit comments and give suggestions directly to the Sulake management team. For six hours, the website was open to submissions from the international community in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish languages. Users were asked to respond to three questions:

  • What does your community mean to you?
  • How do you feel about the recent news?
  • How can we improve the site in the future?

Great Go-Live

Contrary to what most believed, the the Great Unmute was not the unmuting of Habbo Hotel. It was later revealed that The Great Go-Live would be the beginning process of the unmuting of the hotels. The Great Go-Live is an upcoming event in all hotels, in which users will be required to complete a safety quiz to be able to chat normally again. The safety quiz contains a total of twelve questions with three choices each, all related to account security. Until the quiz is passed, existing members will be unable to talk. It is currently unknown whether or not new users will be required to complete the quiz to chat, however it is most likely that they will have to.

Safety Quiz Extracts

quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.0 = Someone asks about the service MSN / Skype address, so that you could continue the conversation for the period. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.1 = Someone asks if I would like to chat via webcam. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.2 = Someone asks the internet that you would see live. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.3 = Someone Online asks him to send the pictures of me swimming costume. It is uncomfortable, but he promised not to show images to anyone other. How do you do?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.4 = Someone says that he has the pictures from yesterday's gig in which you would have wanted to be also involved. He says that you get the pictures if you tell him meiliosoitteesi. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.5 = One type with whom you've talked for a while, has acknowledged that he likes you a lot and would like to seukata and be in close contact. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.6 = One girl comes to talk to you in Habbo, and says that she goes to the same school as your sister. And now he asks if you could be friends on Facebook. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.7 = You have all day hehkuttanut new merkkifarkkujasi that are really good-looking site, but no one believes that you have them for real. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.8 = Your friend with your relationship with your Habbo last week, sending expensive gifts all the time and ask you do not tell anyone of them that no other pahoittaisi minds. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.9 = Habbo friend has just won tickets to Lady Gaga's concert, but did not reach the area. He says that may send them to you if you give your home address first. He can not even prove that he has the tickets by sending a picture of the meiliisi. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.10 = Your new friend bothers you constantly Habbo messenger through the strange and aggressive messages and makes you feel uncomfortable. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.11 = Someone you follow you to each room and will not stop, because it can follow you anywhere. What are you doing?
quiz.SafetyQuiz1.question.12 = Habbo Your best friend told you that another user has a udellut all sorts of information about you. What are you doing?
panic.button.caption=Emergency Exit