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Release date: January 2015
Season: Halloween
Available from: Builders Club

Attic, originally released as Forgotten Attic is a furniture line released in January 2015 exclusively to Builders Club members. Along with the new furniture line, the Forgotten Attic Bundle was also released containing the new items, which would be the only way for those without a Builder's Club membership to own and use the items.


Furniture Line

Name Image Name Image
Broken Lamp Broken Lamp.png Attic Window Attic Window.png
Oil Painting Oil Painting.png Antique Carpet Antique Carpet.png
Cardboard Box Cardboard Box.png Dusty Chair Dusty Chair.png
Attic Shelf Attic Shelf.png Oil Lamp Oil Lamp.png
Mouse Trap Mouse Trap.png Dusty Old Sofa Dusty Old Sofa.png
Attic Wall Attic Wall.png Covered Side Table Covered Side Table.png
Covered Long Table Covered Long Table.png Dingy Shelf Dingy Shelf.png
Wooden Cradle Wooden Cradle.png Attic Gate Attic Gate.png
Attic Corner Attic Corner.png Attic Divider Attic Divider.png
Pile of Paintings Pile Of Paintings.png

Room Bundles

Exclusive Furniture


Name Image Bundle
Forgotten Toy Chest Attic15 chest.png Forgotten Attic Bundle (2016)
Lazy Day Hammock Lazy Day Hammock.png Forgotten Attic Bundle (2019)