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Release date: 2008
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally) MarketPlace

The Virus furniture range along with the Virus Event was released in 2008 which corresponded with the Halloween furniture already on offer for the season. The furniture was sold over the period and most items represented Hospital (furniture) items such as the Beds and Curtains but covered in blood and ooze.

Although perfect for the Halloween season, this range hasn't done tremendously well and struggles to receive 2 Credits per item; it also doesn't increase in value nearer the correct season.

In June 2013 the range was released again as well as others such as Diner to bring back a classic feel to Habbo. Habbo Staff felt that the range was one of those players would love to see return and deemed it as a classic range. This additionally included all the Hospital furniture range too - again releasing it after it had established a stable and expensive value.


The Digital TV showed a different broadcast during the halloween 2008 event
Name Image Motto
Gooey Sink Hween08 sink1 anim.gif Scrub real good...
Bloody Sink Hween08 sink2 ANIM.gif Did you scrub too hard again?
Gooey Hospital Bed Hween08 bed2 name.gif Yuck!
Bloody Hospital Bed Hween08 bed name.gif Eeeek!
X-Ray Light Virus Xray ANIM.gif For viewing your bruises
Hospital Trolley Hospital Trolley.gif The Doctor is in...sane!
Gooey Defibrilator Gooey Defibrilator.gif Will shock you one way or the other...
Bloody Defibrilator Bloody Defibrilator.gif Will shock you back to life - maybe.
Gooey Bathtub Hween08 bath ooze ANIM fixed.gif Enter with caution...
Bloody Bathtub Hween08 bath2 ANIM.gif Enter with caution...
Manhole Hween08 manhole name.gif Beware of unhealthy fumes...
Bodybag Hween08 bbag name.gif Who lies here..?
Biohazard Poster Biohazard Poster.gif DANGER: Quarantined Area - Hazmat Suit Required!
Nuclear Poster Nuclear Poster.gif WARNING: High Toxicity Levels - DO NOT ENTER!
Gooey Hospital Curtain Hospital Curtain (ooze).gif To spare you the sight...
Bloody Hospital Curtain Hospital Curtain Blood.gif To spare you the sight...
Window with Blood - Small Hween08 window01 ANIM.gif A portal to the outside world.
Window with Blood - Big Hween08 Window02 animfixed.gif Let in some air. Crack a window.


3 badges were given out during the event.

Name Image
Goo Diagnosis Badge WH6.gif
Blood Diagnosis Badge WH7.gif
Pill Badge WH8.gif

Later in 2013 with the rerelease of the furniture and the dinner furniture, there was a new badge added. A new room was made with dinner furniture and as soon as u sat at the bar u got the next badge:

Free Salad at the dinner SLD01.gif


During the event a few public spaces we're changed to fit the theme. Even the hotel view got changed.