Sound Machine Pro

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Sound Machine Pro
Rare Values

The Sound Machine Pro is a furniture item that was uploaded amongst various other Trax Machines. It is one of a small number of Trax Machines that have never been released on an English-speaking hotel (and consequently haven't appeared in (International) after the merge) and is part of a small group of items which aren't available on (International). Some others include the Purple Oriental Screen and the Graphite Marquee. The only recorded sighting of the Sound Machine Pro is on and it looks almost identical to a Black Traxmachine or Grey Traxmachine, but the shade is slightly different.

The main function of Trax Machines was; to allow users to play collections of songs from the different Trax Discs which could be put in the machine - e.g. Habbo Sounds. The mission of this item is "creating fancy sounds" and it has no value due to it being untradeable.


The Sound Machine Pro has only been sighted on one hotel:

  • - Spotted in "Krusty Hang" owned by La_Brea.