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The Big Hand

The Big Hand was a feature on the Habbo client which held and displayed user's furni, it was quite simply the old-fashioned and very first version of the inventory. Unlike the current version of the inventory, the Big Hand could only display nine items on one section thus making searching for furniture a tedious and difficult task. Nevertheless, it was considered a wonderful feature of pre-Habbo Beta and many users protested over the removal of the Big Hand.


In 2009, the introduction of Habbo Beta meant that some of the old features were going to be removed from the hotel. Unfortunately, the Big Hand was going to be one of these features and it made an exit along with the Shockwave loading page and the old hotel view, but the Big Hand certainly didn't leave quietly! A Big Hand Seat furniture item was created and released into the catalogue for a short while for all to buy it can still be found today in Coin Shops and other rooms! Sulake hosted a competition which required users to create their own "Bye Big Hand!" video.

Along with the furniture releases and competitions, 2 badges were also developed to help users remember the nostalgic feel that the Big Hand would provide them in the future. As you can clearly see, the Big Hand icon has been completely removed from the client interface and the inventory icon is now a box.


Did you know, the Big Hand lasted in the hotel for just over 9 years?! It was one of the last of the original features to be changed.

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