Romantic Getaway

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Romantic Getaway
Release date: February 2012
Season: Valentine
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Romantic Getaway was a furniture line released to celebrate Valentine's 2012, alongside the Heartbreak Hotel and Starlight Prom lines. Some items in the catalogue could only be bought by HC members, which proved problematic for norm users who completed Quests involving these various furniture lines.


Name Image
Heartbeat Sofa
Heartbeat Sofa.png
The Vines of Love
The Vines of Love.png
Lantern Of Lurve
Lantern Of Lurve.png
Kissing Booth
Kissing Booth.png
Hanging Love Flower
Hanging Love Flower.png
Romantic vines
Romantic vines.png
Room Hopper Curtains
Room Hopper Curtains.png