Badge Display Case

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Badge Display Case
Release date: April 2013
Available from: Catalogue

The Habbo Badge Display Case is an item of furniture which was added to Habbo on April 4th 2013. The purpose of this furni is to display a user's earned badges. At present there are five different designs to choose from, four available for anyone to buy and one available exclusively for Habbo Club members. Two of these were released on release day, whilst the third was released a day after and the fourth and fifth are sold later on. Ranging in price from 3 to 5 credits, any badge which you have earned can be displayed in the case and placed in a room to show off your achievements. The only badge not allowed in cases at present is the Habbo Staff badge, as staff themselves have tried and tested this.

Many users were very confused by this furni when it was released due to the fact that these items can be traded. Habbos were concerned that if they placed a badge in a case that it would be removed from their inventory, though this is not what will happen. When purchasing a display case, it will simply make a copy of the badge and place it inside. If the user then opts to trade the display case, the receiving user will only get the furniture item with the badge inside. Trading this item will not allow the receiving user the right to wear the badge - only display it in the case. Players have already been using this feature to make a profit and are creating multiple copies of rare badges to sell on at a higher price as they are more desirable than most other badges. While this item is placed in a room, it will show the name of the Habbo who owns the item, but double clicking on the display case will open up a trophy-like screen which shows the badge name and who originally bought the display case.

Badge Display Case

All of these items have the motto: Show off your favourite badge!

Name Icon Image Catalogue Price
Badge Display Case Icon Badge Display 150 Duckets
Badge Display Case (HC) Icon Badge Display 2 credits + 10 Duckets
Badge Display Case Icon Badge Display 5 credits
Badge Display Case Icon Badge Display 3 credits
Badge Display Case Icon Badge Display 3 credits


On April 5th 2013, a room building competition was announced that include the use of the Badge Display Cases. The goal of the room was to make a badge museum. The 10 winners won a badge, and an Emerald Trophy.


On the 10th of april, the winners for The Badge Display Competition were chosen by which rooms had the most votes.

Here is the top 10 winners and points:

Rank Name Points
1 kcaz121 682 Points
2 Issac 648 Points
3 MixedBeautyy 643 Points
4 MARUHA 637 Points
5 eCaRgYi 479 Points
6 rudinizer 476 Points
7 happygal! 436 Points
8 Financier 429 Points
9 Maze 425 Points
10 Molf 384 Points