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Habbo Experience Title Page

The Habbo Experience was an interactive tutorial for Habbo made in 2004/05 and was available to watch on the homepage for some time. The video focuses on the user Chaplin and his friends DJ_Shadow, Faith and Cherry-Bomb around the hotel and it explores some of the main features Habbo has to offer.

Click here to watch the original video!


DJ_Shadow, Chaplin, Faith and Cherry-Bomb


Chaplin is the main character in the tutorial, acting as a guide to the viewer. He introduces himself briefly, then a cutscene takes the viewer to the Ice Cafe where he arranged to meet his three friends who offer to show you the hotel.


The first to arrive is DJ_Shadow, who often hosts parties in his room, and invites Chaplin and the viewer to come along. Click Here to view the room in-client.


Faith offers to take you to the Habbo Lido, where she shows you the pool and Diving.


Last but no least, Cherry-Bomb arrives and asks Chaplin to come to her usual messy room. Click Here to view the room in-client'.