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The Ecotron interface, showing the available Eco Furni.

The Ecotron was first introduced in March 2007 with the function of transforming unwanted Furni into new exclusive pieces of furniture which could only be attained through recycling. The Ecotron menu was accessible from the Shop within the Hotel, paired with instructions and an up to date list of attainable Eco Furni.

This tool was removed from the catalogue on August 24, 2012. It was replaced by the more modernised Furni-Matic with different furni rewards.

How It Worked

To recycle using the Ecotron, five eligible Furni (Furni that carried a green recycling symbol) would need to be dragged from your inventory into each of the five recycling slots.

After all five slots were filled, the Recycle button could be clicked, depositing an Ecotron prize box into your inventory. This could be placed in a room and opened, or traded in its unopened form.

The Ecotron interface. Drag and drop Furni into the spaces to recycle


Generation 1

In the original Ecotron, players had a variety of prize outputs which they could control mathematically. By exchanging 10 items of furni, they would receive 20 gaming tickets, then it was 20 items of furniture for a Palm Chair, 30 items of furniture for a Water Garden, 50 items of furniture for a Polar Bear Sofa and 60 items of furniture for a Moon Lamp.

The Tickets, Palm Chair, Water Garden and Polar Sofa were all first released in March 2007 in the Finnish Hotel, the Moon Lamp was first spotted in the UK Hotel in March 2008, and the Eco Penguin Statue in 2009.

Image Name How to Obtain Description
Tickets First time you recycled. Used for BattleBall, Snowstorm, and Wobble Squabble (until the ticket system was removed).
Palm Chair Second time you recycled. Watch out for coconuts
Water Garden Third time you recycled. Self watering
Polar Sofa Fourth time you recycled. Snuggle up together
Moon Lamp Fifth time you recycled. Light up your space
Eco-Friendly Penguin First time you recycled. (Available after Tickets were removed) Given to Eco friendly Habbo!

Generation 2

Generation 2 Ecotron rewards (known as Eco) were very different from the old one. There were now 5 levels of gifts which players can obtain from the new Ecotron - Common (most likely to come up), Uncommon (1 in 5 chance of getting one of these items), Arcane (1 in 40 chance of getting one of these items), Phenomenal (1 in 200 chance of getting this item) and Urban legend (1 in 2000 chance of getting this item). Items now came in an eco present box. The Orange and Pear trees were replaced by the two Mushrooms in 2009.

Image Rarity Chance of obtaining Type of Eco Furni
none Always given (unopened Ecotron prize) Eco Box
Common "If all else fails" (If you don't land on any of the rarities below in the Random Number Generator Potted Cactus 1, Potted Cactus 2, Potted Cactus 3, Eco Lamp 1, Eco Lamp 2, Eco Lamp 3.
Uncommon 1:4 Eco Stool 1, Eco Stool 2, Eco Stool 3, Eco Armchair 1, Eco Armchair 2, Eco Armchair 3, Eco Coffee Table 1, Eco Coffee Table 2, Eco Coffee Table 3, Eco Light 1, Eco Light 2, Eco Light 3, Eco Curtain 1, Eco Curtain 2, Eco Curtain 3.
Arcane 1:40 Fruit Bowl 1, Fruit Bowl 2, Fruit Bowl 3
Phenomenal 1:200 Eco Mushroom 1
Urban Legend 1:2000 Eco Mushroom 2, Orange Tree, Pear Tree.

Plasto Recycle

On the 4th of May, 2012, it was announced that the Plasto furni range would be leaving the Habbo catalogue for good on the 12th of May that year. During this time, the Ecotron would only recycle Plasto furni and, instead of needing 5 items in order to recycle, only 3 Plasto furni were required. All the rewards had been changed during this promotion too and included furni from a new line of Black Plasto furni.

Rarity Chance of obtaining Type of Black Plasto Furni
Common "If all else fails" (If you don't land on any of the rarities below in the Random Number Generator 1/5 chance including the following: Black Occasional Table, Black Four-Leg Table, Black Round Dining Table, Black Plasto Chair, Black Square Dining Table.
Arcane 1:10 Black Plasto Chair and Black Round Dining Table or Black Square Dining Table, Black Occasional Table, and Black Four-Leg Table.
Phenomenal 1:100 Package of all 6 Black Plasto Furni. This is the only way to generate the Black Pod Chair.