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The Guide Bot was a feature to give help and advice to Habbos. They were released in the Beta and could either be called by the room owner or appeared when a Habbo first signed up. They would give information about features of Habbo after being prompted with keywords.

They were removed and replaced with the Habbo Helpers program

Habbo Guide Bots were usually described as "annoying" because they would issue their responses as long as the owner has any of the keywords in their sentences and usually flood the room, so most owners chose to kick the bot out. Some users would purposely flood the room by repeating 'ff' over and over again as the Guide Bot's response was 5 lines long.


The Habbo could ask the bot questions and it will do its best to answer them. The Artificial Intelligence of the Guide Bots was not very good and it was rumored Habbo was to improve it, but it never happened. So the players were left with short commands that would do very basic things.

Keyword Guide bot's response
dance (Start to dance and the bot will copy you).
scam Be careful.
friends Looking for people to hand out with? Open the navigator and see where everyone else is.
move To move, click the floor on the spot you want to go to.
love Oui, can't have any :'(
help You can call for help if someone is giving you a hard time. Just click on the yellow question mark icon.

Click your head icon, and then the wave icon. If you feel like waving, click the face icon and click wave.

(The guide bot well wave)

pets Buy your furry friend from the catalogue. He'll need food and toys to be happy and content and remember, a pet is for life, you cannot give it away!
ff Participate in some games like falling furni. The trick is to always stand one square away from other users. When the owner drops a chair to the room, try to sit on it. The one left out without a chair is losing. The one sitting in the chair at last is the winner. Falling Furni games are marked as FF or Falling Furni.
Hi Hiya!



That hurts me. *Makes a call to hotel manager*
Kick You can kick other users from your room if they are getting to bossy or give hard time.

Shouting is not recommended. Make sure you stand quite close to the people you want to chat with.