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Clothing CataloguePromo.png
Rare Values
Value Habbox Rare Values

This page is about buyable clothing. for information about the feature 'clothes' see the Clothing and Appearance page

Clothing, sometimes known as Habbo Couture, is a section of the catalogue where users can buy new pieces of clothing to wear. Unlike the traditional clothing options clothing bought from the catalogue can be displayed in a room like a piece of furniture and even traded with other users or sold in the Marketplace. Once it is redeemed it is bound to the user and is available to wear when they go to Change Looks (This action can not be undone, once you've bind the furni it is attached to that habbo forever). The clothing section is also where Habbos can buy effects.

This is a list of all clothes that are available in habbo. Note that some of them were rares and therefore not buyable anymore in the catalogue.

Price Tags and Clothes Hangers

All clothing have different colored price tags or Clothes Hangers, these are essential for the designation of what kind of furni it is (normal, rare, untradable)

  • Red Price Tag / Clothes Hanger This is a rare clothing item and will never be sold again.
  • Yellow Price Tag / Clothes Hanger This Clothing item will be sold again, whether it is in the catalogue, offer or bundle exclusive. but can also be part of a Crafting furniture. Which means the item can still be crafted using the required materials.
  • Blue Price Tag / Clothes Hanger This Clothing item is Untradable


Name Image
Cook's Apron Cook's Apron.gif
Mocky Maus Mocky Maus.gif
Cave Dweller Outfit Cave Dweller Outfit.gif
Dino onesie Dino onesie.gif
Wooly Bear Set Wooly Bear Set.gif
Oversized Scarf Oversized Scarf.gif
Wedding Outfit Wedding Outfit.gif
Greek Toga Greek Toga.gif
Desert Princess Outfit Desert Princess Outfit.gif
Bazaar Merchant Outfit Bazaar Merchant Outfit.gif
Dessert Waitress Dress Dessert Waitress Dress.gif
Dessert Maid's Uniform Dessert Maid's Uniform.gif
Victorian Dress Victorian Dress.gif
Heart Dress Heart Dress.gif
Rambo Outfit Rambo Outfit.gif
Kevlar Outfit Kevlar Outfit.gif
Recruit Uniform Recruit Uniform.png
Military Parade Uniform Military Parade Uniform.png
Light Guardian Battle Gear Light Guardian Battle Gear.png
Spectacled Hipster Outfit Spectacled Hipster Outfit.png
Floral Kimono Outfit Floral Kimono Outfit.png
Moon Pyjamas Outfit Moon Pyjamas Outfit.png
Polka Dot Dress Polka Dot Dress.png
Posh Waiter Outfit Posh Waiter Outfit.png
Cyber Girl Cyber Girl.png
Star Pyjamas Outfit Star Pyjamas Outfit.png
Bearded Hipster Outfit Bearded Hipster Outfit.png
Santa Claus Suit Santa Claus Suit.png
Blue Kimono Outfit Blue Kimono Outfit.png
Nu Raver Outfit Nu Raver Outfit.png
Comfort Clothes Outfit Comfort Clothes Outfit.png
Mermaid Outfit Mermaid Outfit.png
Cyber Suit Cyber Suit.png
Skater Outfit Skater Outfit.png
Spectacled Designer Outfit Spectacled Designer Outfit.png
Sheep Pyjamas Outfit Sheep Pyjamas Outfit.png
Robe of the Lost Souls Robe of the Lost Souls.png
Flower Power Outfit Flower Power Outfit.png
Meow-suit Meow-suit.png
Candy Girl Outfit Candy Girl Outfit.png
Punk Outfit Punk Outfit.png
Mrs Claus Outfit Mrs Claus Outfit.png
Candy Boy Outfit Candy Boy Outfit.png
Logger's Dungarees Logger's Dungarees.png
Imperial Dancers Dress Clothing r18 featherdress.png
Romantic Waistcoat Romantic Waistcoat.png
Enchanted Fox Outfit Enchanted Fox Outfit.png
Celestial Dress Celestial Dress.png
Butterfly Dress Clothi46.png
Imperial Raincoat Clothing r19 raincoat.png
Teddy Dressing Gown Clothing r25 raincoat.png
Witch Robes Witch Robes.png


Name Image
Swirly Hair Swirly Hair.png
Undercut Hair Undercut Hair.png
Elegant Ponytail Elegant Ponytail.png
Judge's Wig Judge's Wig.png
Medieval Bun Medieval Bun.png
Farmer Bun Farmer Bun.png
Crown Braids Crown Braids.png
Hipster Hair Hipster Hair.png
Bed Hair Bed Hair.png
Disco Hair Disco Hair.png
Ombre Hair Ombre Hair.png
Top Knot Top Knot.png
Cute Curly Hair Cute Curly Hair.png
Cave Dweller Hair Cave Dweller Hair.png
Obbah Wobbah Hair Obbah Wobbah Hair.png
Techno Hair Techno Hair.png
Digital Quiff Digital Quiff.png
Roaring 20's Roaring 20's.png
Baldilocks Baldilocks.png
Wavy Shoulder Length Hair Wavy Shoulder Length Hair.png
Merchant Beards Merchant Beard.png
Santa Beard Santa Beard.png
Full Muttonchop Full Muttonchop.png
Semi Muttonchop Semi Muttonchop.png
King Beard King Beard.png
Frontier Braids Frontier Braids 01.gif
Boxer Braids Boxer Braids.gif
Wavy Braids Wavy Braids.gif
Floppy Side Parter Floppy Side Parter.gif
80's Mullet 80's Mullet.gif
Mermaid Hair Mermaid Hair.png
Wavy Locks Wavy Locks.png
Frohawk Frohawk.png
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks.png
Nordic Fringe Nordic Fringe.png
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks (2019).png
Romantic Messy Bun Romantic Messy Bun.png
Romantic Curly Hair Romantic Curly Hair.png
Bloodstained Ponytail Hairdo BloodStainedPony.png
Bloodied Scruffy Hair Hairdo BloodyScuffy.png
Two-Tone Curls Two-Tone Curls.png
Messy Bangs Messy Bangs.png
Medusa Hair Medusa Hair.png
Rainbow Curls Rainbow Curls.png
Witch Hair Witch Hair.png
Warlock Locks Clothing r19 warlocks.png
Long Messy Curls Clothing messycurls.png
Middle Part Hair Middle Part Hair.png
Ultra Curly Hair Ultra Curly Hair.png
Dyed Roots Dyed Roots.png
Spring Fever Waves Clothing r21 flowerhair1.png
Nordic Braids Clothing braidedwavyhair.png
Face Framing Hair FaceFramingBangs.png


Name Image
Unicorn Hat 2.0 Clothing unicornrainbow 64 a 0 0.png
Sunrise Cloud Hat Clothing r21 sunnycloudhat.png
Vampire Bat Hat Vampire Bat Hat.png
Fish Hat Fish Hat.png
LED Hood LED Hood.png
Side Hat Side Hat.png
Chocolate Drop Hat Chocolate Drop Hat.png
Alien Hat Alien Hat.png
Spaceman Helmet Spaceman Helmet.png
Wooly Bear Set Wooly Bear Hat.png
Rufus Rufus.png
Hen Hat Hen Hat.png
Cow Beanie Cow Beanie.png
Crazy Mare Face Crazy Mare Face.png
Hermes' Winged Helmet Hermes' Winged Helmet.png
Hoplite Helmet Hoplite Helmet.png
Wreath Crown Wreath Crown.png
Octohat Octohat.png
Star Explorer Helmet Star Explorer Helmet.png
Sentinel Helmet Sentinel Helmet.png
Shark Head Shark Head.png
Horned Helmet Horned Helmet.png
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet.png
Plague Mask Plague Mask.png
Elegant Crown Elegant Crown.png
Medieval Crown Medieval Crown.png
Ten Year Crown Ten Year Crown.png
Five Year Crown Five Year Crown.png
Two Year Crown Two Year Crown.png
Yeti Mask Yeti Mask.png
Gold Top Hat Gold Top Hat.png
clothing tophat name Clothing tophat name.png
Gentleman's Cap Gentleman's Cap.png
Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat.png
Sun Hat Sun Hat.png
Duck Hat Duck Hat.png
Heroic Helm Heroic Helm.png
Santa Hat Santa Hat.png
Backwards Cap Backwards Cap.png
Head Bandage Head Bandage.png
Betty the Sloth Betty the Sloth.png
Power Imbued Protector Power Imbued Protector.png
Noble Crown Noble Crown.png
Straw Hat Straw Hat.png
Squid Hat Squid Hat.png
Brain Jar Brain Jar.png
Clothing demonhood name Clothing demonhood name.png
Slouchy Knit Hat Slouchy Knit Hat.png
Davy_Crockett_Cap Davy Crockett Cap.png
Skull Hat Skull Hat.png
Crystal Tiara Crystal Tiara.png
Bunny Hat Bunny Hat.png
Seahorse Mask Seahorse Mask.png
Diver Helmet Diver Helmet.png
Mask of the Cursed Mask of the Cursed.png
Dinosaur Hat Dinosaur Hat.png
Witch Hat Witch Hat.png
Head Covering Head Covering.png
Ghost Hat Clothing ghost 64 a 0 0.png


Name Image
Cat Demon Face Cat Demon Face.gif
Cyclops Eye Cyclops Eye.gif
Mystic's Eyes Mystic's Eyes.gif
Demonic Eyes Demonic Eyes.gif
Zombie Eyes Zombie Eyes.gif
clothing beautyface name Clothing beautyface name.gif
Possesed Eyes Possessed Eyes.png


Name Image
Oversized Scarf Oversized Scarf.gif
Sunny Day Shades Sunny Day Shades.gif
Hair Bow Clip Hair Bow Clip.gif
Floral Crown Floral Crown.gif
Night Vision goggles Night Vision goggles.gif
Rockstar Headband Rockstar Headband.gif
Cyber Punk Goggles Cyber Punk Goggles.gif
Vent Mask Vent Mask.gif
Cyber Eye Cyber Eye.gif
Circuit Head Circuit Head.gif
Cursed skull pendant Cursed skull pendant.gif
Gold Accessory Pack Gold Accessory Pack.gif
Golden Accessory Pack v.2 Golden Accessory Pack v.2.gif
Golden Accessory Pack v.3 Golden Accessory Pack v.3.gif
Wooly Bear Scarf Wooly Bear Scarf.gif
Dessert Maid's Headband Dessert Maid's Headband.gif
Dessert Waitress Ribbon Dessert Waitress Ribbon.gif
Gold Feather Pin Gold Feather Pin.gif
Feather Pin Feather Pin.gif
Bunny Mask Bunny Mask.gif
Sunny Day Satchel Sunny Day Satchel.gif
Walkie Talkie Walkie Talkie.png
Army Ranks 1 Army Ranks 1.png
Army Ranks 2 Army Ranks 2.png
Army Ranks 3 Army Ranks 3.png
Army Ranks 4 Army Ranks 4.png
Army Ranks 5 Army Ranks 5.png
Military Medal 1 Military Medal 1.png
Military Medal 2 Military Medal 2.png
Military Medal 3 Military Medal 3.png
Parisien Necktie Parisien Necktie.png
H for Habbo Headphones H for Habbo Headphones.png
Chunky Necklace Chunky Necklace.png
Techno Headphones Techno Headphones.png
Candy Headphones Candy Headphones.png
Knitted Headband Knitted Headband.png
Fancy Ribbon Fancy Ribbon.png
Christmas Bow Christmas Bow.png
Oversized Snood Oversized Snood.png
Blanket Scarf Blanket Scarf.png
Office Tie Office Tie.png
Jumper Belt Jumper Belt.png
Hipster Glasses Hipster Glasses.png
Oversized Sunglasses Oversized Sunglasses.png
Paparazzi Camera Paparazzi Camera.png
Sad Emoji Sad Emoji.gif
Angry Emoji Angry Emoji.gif
Bobba Emoji Bobba Emoji.gif
Cool Emoji Cool Emoji.gif
Excited Emoji Excited Emoji.gif
Happy Emoji Happy Emoji.gif
Love Emoji Love Emoji.gif
Poop Emoji Poop Emoji.gif
Shy Emoji Shy Emoji.gif
Silly Emoji Silly Emoji.gif
Surprised Emoji Surprised Emoji.gif
Winking Emoji Winking Emoji.gif
Kitty Backpack Kitty Backpack.png
Kitsune Mask Kitsune Mask.png
Nordic Antlers Nordic Antlers.png
Feathered Crown Clothing r18 feathercrown.png
Horned Cap Horned Cap.png
Fairytale Forest Wreath Fairytale Forest Wreath.png
Minotaur Horns Minotaur Horns.png
Comedy Mask Clothing r19 comedymask.png
Tragedy Mask Clothing r19 tragedymask.png
Rainbow Shades Rainbow Shades.png
Feathered Cowl Clothi34.png
Demon Lord Wings Clothing r19 demonwings.png
Pleather Gloves Pleather Gloves.png
Multi-Badges Multi-Badges.png
Chest Bag Chest Bag.png
Egg Earrings Egg Earrings.png
Meow Backpack MeowBackpack.png
Lemon Slice Bag Bonus lemon slice bag.png
Back Lantern Image2020-9-17 16-26-20.png
New Year Gift Box (Facemask) Ny r20 crackable.png
Winter Bear Accessories Clothing r20 bearset.png
Bear Backpack Clothing r20 teddybpack 64 a 0 0.png
Pumpkin Bag Clothing pumpkinbag 64 a 0 0.png
Clown Mask Clothing clownmask 64 a 0 0.png


The Colors can be changed in Pants section of the Change Your Looks menu

Name Image
Christmas Dress Dress Christmas.png
Sunset Dress Sunset Dress.png
Patterned Jumpsuit Patterned Jumpsuit.png
Tartan Sash Clothing kilttop 64 a 0 0.png


Name Image
Dreamboat Shirt Dreamboat Shirt.png


Name Image
Leather Jacker Clothing cyleather.png
Collared Jumper Clothing cjumper.png
Bloodstained Jacket Clothing bloodjacket.png
Flared Trench Coat Clothing flaredtrench.png
Leather Hoodie Clothing leatherhoodie.png
Hitched Woolie Jumper Clothing hitchedjumper.png
Laboratory Coat Clothing labcoat.png
Life Vest Clothing puffyvest 64 a 0 0.png
Cropped Jumper Clothing croppedjumper.png
Imprial Guard Uniform Clothing regiment.png
Bazaar Vest Clothing exoticvest.png
Spotless Tuxedo Clothing tux.png
Two-Tone Hoodie Clothing jacket twotone.png
Santa Top Clothing santatop.png
Denim Vest Clothing denimvest.png
Jumper Belt Clothing tiedjumper.png
Sports Jacket Clothing sportsjckt.png
Military Parade Jacket Military Parade Jacket.png
Hip Aviator Jacket Hip Aviator Jacket.png
Wool Cape Coat Wool Cape Coat.png


Name Image
Hip-Hop Sweats Hip-Hop Sweats.png
Pleather Trousers Pleather Trousers.png
Highwaisted Trousers Highwaisted Trousers.png


The Colors can be changed in Pants section of the Change Your Looks menu

Name Image
Skater Skirt Skirt Skater.png
Layered Long Skirt Skirt layeredLong.png
Tokyo Tutu Skirt TokyoTutu.png
Floral Maxi Skirt Skirt FloralMaxi.png
Military Dress Skirt Skirt MilitaryDress.png
Swirly Skirt Skirt Swirly.png
Tribal Print Skirt Skirt Tribal.png
Holographic Skirt Holographic Skirt.png
Tartan Kilt Clothing kilt 64 a 0 0.png
Spider Web Skirt Web3.png


Name Image
Bird Shoes Shoes BirdShoes.png
Bloodstained Shoes Shoes BloodStained.png
Flippers Shoes flippers.png
Dessert Maid's Boots Shoes DessertMaid.png
Merchant Slippers Shoes MerchantSlippers.png
Canvas Slip-ons Shoes CanvasSO.png
Christmas Shoes Shoes ChristmasShoes.png
Army Boots Shoes ArmyBoots.png
Flash Shoes Shoes FlashShoes.png
Strap Boots Shoes strapboots.png
Shoes With Socks Shoes ShoeswithSocks.png
Hermes Sandals Shoes HermWingedSandals.png
Smart Oxford Shoes Smart Oxford Shoes.png
Colour-Block Trainers Colour-Block Trainers.png
Gothic Boots Gothic Boots.png