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Release date: November 2007
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The first parts of the Executive Furniture range were revealed in UK, November 2007. More parts were revealed to official UK fansites shortly after and at the end of the month released there. The Executive Globe and Office Plant were first shown off by Lost_Witness in January 2008. By now not a permanent, but still an often returning line of furniture in most catalogues globally. The lift was first released in late 2009 and the last few items in November 2010 (camera, sensor, copier, desk and divider). In June 2012 the Vanilla Executive range, a recoloured version was released on the hotel.


2007 Executive Release

Name Image Motto
Sofa Chair
Exe chair 1.gif
Cushion your bottom line in this fancy chair.
Three Seat Sofa
Tag pole.gif
Relax before those important meetings.
Boss Chair
Exe chair 2.gif
A throne for your corporate kingdom.
Office Desk
Exe desk.gif
Your corporate command center.
Exe bar.gif
Not where you got for Happy Hour after work.
Bar Corner
Exe corner.gif
Everyone loves cubicles!
Exe gate.gif
Only let your executives in!
Executive Carpet
Exe floor.gif
Walk around like you own the place
Glass Table
Exe table.gif
You've heard of the glass roof. Here's the glass table.
Drinks Tray
Exe plate.gif
Try some of the 50 year old Bubble Juice.
Office Plant
Exe tree.gif
Spruce up your office.
Exe lamp cube.gif
Stylish and sophisticated.
Art Lamp
Exe lamp art.gif
Illuminate your room in style!
Exe lamp ceiling.gif
Shines your way to the top!
World Map
Exe map.gif
Make your grand world travel plans here!
Exe waterfall.gif
Relax in your office with this calming sound of water.
Elevator Teleport Exe elevator anim.gif Going up or down in style!

2010 Additions

Name Image Motto
Security Camera
Exe camera.gif
Smile! You're on camera.
Security Sensor
Exe sensor.gif
Don't move!
Exe copier.gif
Paper only!
Executive Divider
Exe divider.png
Divide and conquer
Work Desk
Exe desk 2.gif
Do not disturb!

Vanilla Executive

Vanilla Executive
Release date: August 2012
Season: N/A
Available from: Unavailable

The Vanilla Executive range was a recolour of the Executive range. It was released on August 4, 2012 and included white versions of the original brown Executive range. Along with the new vanilla range, the old Executive furni made its way back into the Catalogue. The return brought the Copier and the Work Desk with it, which had only ever been released once previously when the Executive Drinks Cabinet was released.

This range didn't stay in the Catalogue for long and was only available for four days - this made it hard to buy due to the earlier Habbo mute as features such as Room Events were disabled making trading difficult for those who missed out.

It was later made available again in October 2018.

Nine items were recoloured:

Name Image Motto
Vanilla Lounge Chair VanillaLoungeChair.png Get comfortable, you're going to be here a long time...
Vanilla Sofa VanillaSofa.png Take a load off
Vanilla Boss Chair VanillaBossChair1.png Perfect for middle management!
Vanilla Rug VanillaRug1.png Take off your shoes!
Vanilla Bar VanillaBar1.png Lean on me
Vanilla Gate VanillaGate1.png Let the right one in
Vanilla Waterfall VanillaWaterfall1.png We'll slide down the surface of things
Vanilla Bar Corner VanillaBarCorner1.png No one puts baby in the corner!
Vanilla Glass Table VanillaGlassTable1.png Use a coaster!

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign during 2015, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture additions. Executive was one of these.

Name Image Motto
Desk Phone
Talk to corporate. (LIKE A BOSS)
Desk Tidy
Your desk needs one!
Executive Printer
It never jams
Executive Skyline
Only the boss gets a view like this.

Executive Rares

Executive Globe

Executive Globe
Release date: 2008
Rare Values
Category: Executive

The Executive Globe used to be the only rare item of the Executive furni line. However, in recent releases, items such as the Copier, Work Desk and Security Camera have accompanied it thus not making it the only one anymore. The Globe has been part of Habbo since 2008. Although the Globe is a super rare on Habbo.com (International) it was released on every other hotel except for the Brazilian hotel. The release status on the Brazilian Hotel is currently unknown as to where it came from and if it even exists. The Executive Globe is one of the only rares to only be sold in the Catalogue and not via any other methods of release, such as competitions prizes - nor was it spotted in Habbo Staff rooms before release.

Release Dates

  • Unknown on the Brazilian Hotel.
  • Released on the Finnish and Spanish Hotels in 2008.
  • January 2008 - released on the Canadian, Dutch, American and British Hotels.
  • February 2008 - released on the Australian, German and Swiss Hotels.
  • March 2008 - released on the Singaporean Hotel.
  • May 2008 - released on the Danish, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian Hotels.
  • July 2008 - released on the French Hotel.

Executive Drinks Cabinet

Executive Drinks Cabinet
Motto: Limited Edition Rare. A whitman fave.
Release date: April 2012
Rare Values
Category: Executive; Limited Edition

The Executive Drinks Cabinet was a Limited Edition Rare released on April 7, 2012, a few months before the release of the Vanilla Executive furniture line. 2,000 of the rare were released for the price of 75 Credits. However, only 1330 of the 2,000 released were sold. The furni item can be interacted with and by double-clicking the item, the player will receive a drink from the cabinet.

Executive Ice Cream Machine

Executive Ice Cream Maker
Release date: 2018
Rare Values
Category: Ice Cream Machines