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Builders at Work (Aka: 'BAW') is a program initiated in 2014 within Habbo which has been described by Sulake staff as a revamped Room Builders Inc (RBI) program. Staff personally select a small group of users, many with roots in room building via RBI or other notable competition entries to take on the job of building rooms and creating events for various sub campaigns within the hotel. BAW members are also contracted to create YouTube videos for the official Habbo channel, but none have been requested thus far.

For the original version of Builders at Work there a chief builder and five assistant builders which work at the chief builders direction.[1] Often work is delegated out to smaller groups of assistant builders to save time and resources. There is much controversy surrounding the selection of BAW members as the screening process for applicants is unknown. Sulake does not share the process but tells users they are selected on appropriate merit.

The program ran for fourteen seasons before being revamped at the end of 2016.


On March 10th 2014 the first BAW team was announced in Habbo News. The article also stated a plethora of new information; that the teams of assistant builders would interchange every 2 months whilst the chief builder would be interchanged every 6 months, running three BAW teams during their period as well as benefits for being a BAW participant. Members of BAW receive extended Builders Club Membership, extended Habbo Club Membership and an increased Builders Club furni limit. They also received a badge for the duration of their term. Upon the end of each season members receive a commemorative badge.

BAW members once selected and announced are granted access to a private BAW in client forum in which all members and Sulake staff interact together. The private in client forum includes threads such as 'Introductions' for getting to know other members and staff, 'Main Timetable' which specifies day to day events, what campaigns are coming up and deadlines. From there threads are created to specifically discuss each individual room design and event required.

The very first task that teams are given is to design a private home room for that BAW team to meet if they wish in client to discuss matters outside the forum. This was a rare occurrence however. Due to the level of building required for other events and intrusion of past members, the second teams home room was never fully completed.

Whilst it is required that each BAW team works without influence of a previous team it will often be the case that past season BAW members will also be on the forum to 'help' the new team. It is also not uncommon to note new BAW designs including furniture and items from previous BAW members who wish to help.

BAW01.gif Chief Builder Badge
BAW02.gif Assistant Builder Badge
BAW03.gif Commemorative Badge
BAW04.gif Leader Commemorative Badge

BAW Team One

The first team was announced on March 10th, 2014 and started building approximately a week after.[2]

  • Chief Builder: Jendro
  • Assistant Builder #1: Hawky
  • Assistant Builder #2: Jher
  • Assistant Builder #3: Aymei
  • Assistant Builder #4: Undercover.
  • Assistant Builder #5: Pivet

BAW Team Two

The second team was announced on May 20th, 2014 and started building the next day.[3]

  • Chief Builder: Jendro
  • Assistant Builder #1: Hawaii5.o
  • Assistant Builder #2: Daltron
  • Assistant Builder #3: Matt2205
  • Assistant Builder #4: Bored_1
  • Assistant Builder #5: Choi

Daltron resigned after three weeks of the program due to personal reasons and was never replaced. The team carried out their term with only 4 assistant builders.

BAW Team Three

The third team was announced on July 18th, 2014 and started building the next day.[4]

  • Chief Builder: Jendro
  • Assistant Builder #1: .Derp.
  • Assistant Builder #2: Exposed
  • Assistant Builder #3: SirenAngel
  • Assistant Builder #4: Bamboo
  • Assistant Builder #5: Stadiums

BAW Team Four

The fourth team was announced on October 1st, 2014 and it was revealed Hawaii5.o would be the new Chief Builder, taking over from Jendro.

  • Chief Builder: Hawaii5.o
  • Assistant Builder #1: Wishy
  • Assistant Builder #2: remmub
  • Assistant Builder #3: Serafina_Pesaro
  • Assistant Builder #4: franchellecute
  • Assistant Builder #5: DanN191

Mostly unknown faces made the new team which prompted both criticisms and praises due to 'new blood' Prominently in the midst of the new season, remmub fell prey to attacks for his nasty attitude towards others during official BAW events.

BAW Team Five

The fifth team was announced in December 2014 after applications were opened for the first time for Habbos to submit their rooms in the hope of garnering a position with BAW.

  • Chief Builder: Hawaii5.o.
  • Assistant Builder #1: 010#
  • Assistant Builder #2: funkyjen
  • Assistant Builder #3: GoldenGuyTex
  • Assistant Builder #4: Melonaid
  • Assistant Builder #5: Aqe

BAW Team Six

The sixth team was announced in March 2015 with a completely unheard of leader!

  • Chief Builder: oSkaterboyo
  • Assistant Builder #1: teeheeme!
  • Assistant Builder #2: CTN
  • Assistant Builder #3: Pixierockstar
  • Assistant Builder #4: Convictable
  • Assistant Builder #5: Plfrs

BAW Team Seven

The seventh team was announced in June 2015 with a brand new leader despite oSkaterboyo only completing one season as BaW leader!

  • Chief Builder: Usul
  • Assistant Builder #1: Satu
  • Assistant Builder #2: CianGaga
  • Assistant Builder #3: SueOprahWinfrey
  • Assistant Builder #4: Alexthedoc
  • Assistant Builder #5: DJ-rapand

BAW Team Eight

The seventh team was announced in August 2015.

  • Chief Builder: Usul
  • Assistant Builder #1: Pulx
  • Assistant Builder #2: Endroo
  • Assistant Builder #3: Priorities
  • Assistant Builder #4: Frission
  • Assistant Builder #5: Audemars

BAW Team Nine

The seventh team was announced in November 2015.

  • Chief Builder: Usul
  • Assistant Builder #1: Babycakes
  • Assistant Builder #2: Paddie
  • Assistant Builder #3: Proms
  • Assistant Builder #4: :Pajamas
  • Assistant Builder #5: HockeyRef
  • Assistant Builder #6: Joan

HockeyRef never built a room for the BaW season and dropped out shortly into the season. Paddie also dropped out of the BAW team due to drama within the team due to him giving out badges to his friends. This led to Joan being added into the BaW team late during the season after a vote took place within the team about who should join.

BAW Team Ten

The seventh team was announced in January 2016. Pulx comes back from BAW season eight to lead the next 3 seasons.

  • Chief Builder: Pulx
  • Assistant Builder #1: Okeefinokee
  • Assistant Builder #2: Invited
  • Assistant Builder #3: Hanna.Yeap
  • Assistant Builder #4: Edmond
  • Assistant Builder #5: Snauzher

BAW Team Eleven

The seventh team was announced in March 2016.

  • Chief Builder: Pulx
  • Assistant Builder #1: Armset
  • Assistant Builder #2: Kerasu
  • Assistant Builder #3: Minvs
  • Assistant Builder #4: Zunq
  • Assistant Builder #5: Sofie372
  • Assistant Builder #6: daisyfletchy

Kerasu dropped out of BAW shortly after receiving the free builders club and was replaced by Pulx's girlfriend daisyfletchy which caused much controversy!

BAW Team Twelve

The seventh team was announced in May 2016

  • Chief Builder: Pulx
  • Assistant Builder #1: Ben.
  • Assistant Builder #2: ,Informal
  • Assistant Builder #3: jj9090
  • Assistant Builder #4: EkR-19
  • Assistant Builder #5: Atalyn1804

BAW Team Thirteen

The seventh team was announced in July 2016

  • Chief Builder: Frission
  • Assistant Builder #1: Ghozer
  • Assistant Builder #2: Cyndii.
  • Assistant Builder #3: Peachery
  • Assistant Builder #4: Aimeh
  • Assistant Builder #5: Richit

BAW Team Fourteen

The seventh team was announced in September 2016

  • Chief Builder: Frission
  • Assistant Builder #1: lgbqt
  • Assistant Builder #2: Intera
  • Assistant Builder #3: lluvli
  • Assistant Builder #4: :Cassidy
  • Assistant Builder #5: .:Jela-C:.

Builders At Work 2.0/Master At Work

After season fourteen Builders at Work was revamped again. Every four months one Habbo was chosen as a Master Builder and if chosen again, a President Builder. Towards the end of Kredits term, the Builder's At Work 2.0 was renamed to "Master At Work", this was because the programme consisted of a lone master builder. The Master Builder could choose who they wanted as their assistant(s). This Habbo was expected to also build global rooms to be used on all international hotels. The Builders would receive Builders Club and Habbo Club memberships, 7000 added to their Builders Club limit, access to Sandbox and Master or President Badges.

The Master Builders included:

  • IAmReallyBored
  • Alexthedoc
  • Kredits
  • Frission
  • Atlantic
  • Pokemon
  • Peachery
  • HighSparrow
MAW01.gif Active Master Builder
MAW02.gif Active ex Master Builder

August 2020 Team

Throughout July 2020 the 'Builder's Corp x BaW Edition' competition was held to select the next team of users to join Builders at Work. The winners were SueOprahWinfrey, Moonwalk & Okeefinokee.

May 2021 Team

In April 2021 a new competition was announced to select the next team of Builders at Work. The winners were Deactivate!, JamieChurchley & Hx.Ben who started their four month term as Builders at Work in the middle of May.


Below are some of the rooms and events created by various BAW teams during their active period. Often rooms are cloned for convenience within the hotel or pushed onto a staff account for popular events.

BAW Contract

When each member is selected for BAW they must first agree to a set of terms and conditions provided by Sulake Staff. This contract covers things such as copyright and use of design by BAW members as well as the specified benefits and a clause to agree on not requesting further compensation as it is essentially a volunteer program. Upon being selected to partake in the program a contract is emailed to the primary email associated with the users Habbo account.

Reception and Issues

Upon the announcement of the program, there was much concern within the Habbo community that due to the private screening process the program would not be fair or allow the right people to participate, instead of being staff's favourite users. Forums both in client and on external Fansites became high with criticism and disgust towards the program, often being branded as 'elitist' and not in its own right.[5]

An issue which has specifically been problematic for every team is the skill of wiring properly. Often events designed to be 24/7 and automated by nature would be glitched easily by users and then required re-wiring by BAW members.

Wired passwords have also been quite popular in the early days of team 3, with members being affiliated with external fansites and thus creating wired passwords for other fansite staff to skip events and redeem badges without effort. Often these passwords are leaked and require a quick remedy which usually comes from staff who remove the wired or completely shut down the room. In the very first event of team 3, HabboQuests staff all were given a secret code to skip the event and get the badge quickly. The password was leaked almost instantly.