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The Habbo Web is the part of the Habbo's website outside of the Client. It's where you can log in, change settings, make purchases and more.

User Menu Header

It's starting point is at https://www.habbo.com. At the top of this page you can log in. On any other page there is a dark Login button at the top right. Once logged in the Habbo name and head of the Habbo avatar will be visible at the top right instead. Clicking this gives you acces to the user menu.

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Hotel Button
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At the op of the Habbo Web pages is the Navigation Bar for the sections Home, Community, Shop and Playing Habbo. If logged in, it will also have the two following buttons on the right:

When playing Habbo's web client, users can switch to the Habbo Web by means of a yellow button at the top left labeled "H" which expands to "H WEB" when you move the mouse over it. To switch back users need to click the Hotel Button again.

User Menu

The user menu has the following options:

  • View my Public Profile
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Logout


Home Button

If not logged in you can enter your login credentials at the top of the page. The main area displays the latest Habbo News which is a selection of the News found under Community.


Community Button

The Community pages contain:

  • Photos - Shows in-game photos made by Habbo players
  • Rooms - Shows a list of most popular rooms within Habbo
  • Fansites - Information about the official fansites
  • News - Official news articles published by Habbo


Shop Button

Here you can make purchases, earn credits and find relevant information.

  • Buy - The Shop on the Habbo Web where you can buy Memberships, Credits and Bundels
  • Get Prepaid - Information about the prepaid option you can use for Habbo
  • Earn Credits - Here you can earn Habbo Credits by completing selected offers and surveys
  • My History - Shows the history of your purchase of the last 6 months

Playing Habbo

Playing Habbo Button

Here you can find all kinds of information related to playing Habbo. The information is divided into the following subjects:

  • What is Habbo?
  • How to Play
  • Habbo Way
  • Safety
  • Help