Vault Party

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Vault Party was a furniture range released during the Jetset campaign in October 2012. It was the third and final set to be released (with Yacht Parties being the first and Premiere Parties being the second) and featured some popular furniture pieces. Due to it being released under a VIP-centred campaign, 4 out of 5 of of the furniture items (with the "Cash Patch" being the exception) was only available for VIPs to purchase. Surprisingly, Sulake also decided to re-release the a few Bling items for VIPs only. Various other Bling items were also re-eleased and available for non-VIPs also.


Name Image Motto
Vault Door
Vault Door.png
Safe and secure
Vault Wall
Vault Wall.png
Safe and secure
Vault Corner
Vault Corner.png
Safe and secure
Coin Rain
Coin Rain.png
Pennies from heaven!
Cash Patch
Cash Patch.png
Roll around in it, you know you want to