New Year 2019

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New Year 2019
Release date: January 2019
Season: New Year
Available from: Catalogue
Previous Campaign:
Winter City Festival
Next Campaign:
Romantic Restaurant

The New Year 2019 campaign ran throughout January of 2019, appropriately named as it celebrated the New Year. Throughout this month, only one new piece of furniture and one new rare were added to the catalogue. However, 13 room bundles returned to the catalogue, each of which contained a minimum of one new and exclusive furniture item.


Catalogue Furniture

Only one new furniture item was released into the catalogue this month.

Name Image
2019 NY Countdown 2019NYCountdown.png


Only one rare item was released during this campaign, a wearable hairstyle.

Name Image Badge
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks (2019).png STY17.gif

Room Bundles

These following bundles were re-released throughout the month, each with new and exclusive pieces of furniture.

Exclusive Furni

Each furniture bundle that was re-released throughout this campaign came with at least one exclusive furniture item.

Name Image Bundle
Lazy Day Hammock Lazy Day Hammock.png Forgotten Attic Bundle
Faulty Warp Drive Faulty Warp Drive.png Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Spacecraft Door Spacecraft Door.png Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Toxic Head Hugger Clothing toxicfacehugger.png Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Elven Rocking Chair Rocking Chair.png Elf Hangout Bundle
Elven Bed Elven Bed.png Elf Hangout Bundle
Habbo Forces Sign HabboForcesSign.png Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
Sacrificial Altar Bed Altarbed.png Day of the Dead Bundle
Blacksmith's Hut Blacksmithshut.png Viking Fleet Bundle
Twisted Frog Twistedfrog.png Twisted Castle Bundle
Big Old Drinks Machine Big Old Drinks Machine.png Big Hospital Drama Bundle
Smuggler's Lookout Smugglerlookout.png Smuggler's Hideout Bundle
Vanity Mirror Vanitymirror.png Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
Imperial Scorpion Scorpion.png Desert Oasis Bundle
Milk Can Milkcan.png Rattlesnake River Town Bundle
Superheroes in Love poster Superheroes in Love.png Superhero Smuggler's Bundle


13 Furnis Competition


During January of 2019 Habbo launched a new competition named the "13 furnis competition" [1], during which players were given the task to design an entire room using only 13 pieces of furniture. With Valentines taking place the following month, the holiday was used as the theme for the competition.

There were only three furniture items that players had to use in the competition as a requirement, the remaining items used were of the player's choice.

Name Image
Picnic Refreshments Picnic Refreshments.png
Tatami Chair TatamiChair.png
Nestled Tree Nestled Tree.png

Winners of this competition received an exclusive badge, while all rooms that were included in the top 3 received 31 days of Habbo Club and 7 days of Builders Club.


The top 3 winners of the competition were:

  • monkeymanbubby
  • FHL09
  • Pilvinen