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Achievements are goals which Habbo set for every player to complete and can be found when clicking on your Habbo's head ("Me") in the row of icons in the bottom left of the screen. Achievements cover a wide range of activities; including collecting furniture, giving out respects, owning and taking care of Pets or even playing the Habbo mini-games such as Battle Banzai and Freeze. Achievements come with a variety of rewards, including badges and points which are added to each player's profile, with the points being added to his or her Achievement score. Some achievements can take a while to complete, even up to a matter of months, whereas some take minutes. Quick ways to gain the achievement badges is to go in Boosting Rooms as they offer a variety of ingenious ways to give badges! Achievements can be earned easily and Tricks and bugs have occurred within them, some of the bugs include a badge glitch relating to the Habbo Helper tool.


An example of the categories

There are eight separate categories to make the achievements more accessible. Within each category, there is a list of badges that can be earned, complete with descriptions and instructions on how to gain them. Some achievements will also have a bar underneath to keep track of the progress (suitable for badges with many levels). At the bottom of the list of categories, there is a bar similar to the progress bar; but is a sum of all the completed achievements so far on your account.


While not wildly different, prior to the updates that archived a lot of pet and game achievements there was a different setup of categories;


Achievement score in-game

The rewards come in 3 forms - achievement score, badges, and currency. The achievement score of each Habbo is located on their profile, underneath the motto. It is also displayed in the pop-up profile (accessed by clicking on the player's username) and on their 'Me' page. The achievement score is compromised of points - most of which are added for each achievement completed (which give 10 points each), but can also be earned by clicking a friend's Facebook post. If someone has earned an achievement and posted their success on their Facebook profile, there will be a button named "Get Reward," which also gives 10 points if clicked.

Badges are given for every completed achievement as well, most of which compromise of an image with different Roman Numerals underneath, corresponding to the total level each Habbo has achieved. Most of the badges have either 10 (X) or 20 (XX) levels. These badges are in general not popularly worn around the Hotel, as they are ubiquitous (especially the lower value ones).

There are also some small currency rewards for completing certain achievements - this varies among different achievements and even different levels within those achievement tracks, but are typically a small number of Duckets or Credits.