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Van Life
Release date: February 2022
Season: Valentine's Day
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
January 2022
Next Campaign:
March 2022

Van Life is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout February of 2022[1]. The campaign came with a small number of new furni items, including a van crafting system, new rares, and bundles. The Valentines Comeback and Chinese New Year sections returned to the Shop to celebrate the two holidays which occurred during the month.



Habbos were able to create one of four vans by using a hammer effect with a Rusty Van. When they created a van they would also receive a badge, and Habbos who collected all four badges would receive a special Bling Bling Van at the end of the month. Each Rusty Van had a 25% chance of turning into each upgraded van.

Rusty Van
Name Image Badge
Beach Lover Van
Cozy Camper Van
Punk Rock Van !!
Pretty Pastel Van
Bling Bling Van


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Clumsily Tied Bun
Boho Print Shirt
Romantic Rickshaw
Enchanting Butterfly

Credit Furniture

A new item of credit furniture was also released during this campaign.

Name Image
Peacock Vase


The Valentine's Deal was made available during February of 2022, there were two different deals available. Which deal that was offered to each player was dependent on their individual spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 109 Credits and 109 Diamonds Cost 199 Credits and 199 Diamonds
Peacock Spider Peacock Spider (x2)
70 Bronze Coins 80 Bronze Coins
1 month of Habbo Club Romantic Petals
Chilled Bubblejuice
Bubblejuice Rack
3 months of Habbo Club

The deal included the exclusive release of the Peacock Spider.

Name Image
Peacock Spider

Each user who purchased the deals also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 298 users have this badge.

Room Bundles

One new room bundle was released during the campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


A Sweet Valentine's Day Event

At the beginning of the month, a new event was launched to help users start celebrating Valentine's Day early[2]. It was created by users twinnie and Air.

All players who successfully completed the event received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
I found my one n only with twinnie & Air!
Love u tons, k bye

[GFE] Valentine's Blind Dates

In the lead up to Valentine's Day, all official fansites launched events in the form of dates for Habbo users to take community manager Amaiazing on[3]. With each new event completed, a new badge could be acquired. The fansite events were launched as follows:

  • 08-Feb - Habbox - Hiking
  • 09-Feb - HabboQuests - Fast Food Restaurant
  • 11-Feb - Fuusio - Graveyard
  • 13-Feb - HabboRPG - Picnic at the Park
Fansite Badge Name
Habbox You give me butterflies
HabboQuests That date really lettuce down!
Fuusio I didn't fall for you, you tripped me!
HabboRPG Finding love with HabboRPG!

At the end of the General Fansite Event, Amaiazing's wedding took place. If users had earned, and were wearing, all four former badges, they would receive an additional exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Tied the Knot with Amaiazing

Wedding Venue Room Competition

While "Van Life" may not be everyone's idea of romance, the campaign nonetheless encompassed Valentine's Day, and a building competition was announced[4] asking Habbos to design a "unique" wedding venue for Amaiazing to get married in.

Top prize was a Bohemian Garden Bundle, 14 days of Builders Club, and a badge. 10 runners-up were granted the BC and badge, and all valid entries receive a Ruby Anteater.

The winner of the competition was announced as Unkempt[5]. With the 10 runners up of the competition being as follows:

  • :Bee-
  • keshima
  • OutSee
  • pilvinen
  • fifi__turquoise
  • simplymajestic
  • chidiva
  • nicole91533
  • traderlu
  • spet
  • nuuuus
  • Hubbe
  • angel5566
  • bluecolddevil
  • denise019
Badge Name
Wedding Venue Competition Finalist 2022

Safer Internet Day 2022

For the 2022 Safer Internet Day event, four different chapters were released across the span of a week[6]. The purpose of the event was to educate users on the importance of GDPR. For each chapter completed, users received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter I
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter II
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter III
GDPR Expert!

When wearing all badges earned, one more additional game could be completed to receive a new plushie.

Name Image
Safer Internet Day Plushie 2022


A new Carnival event was launched across the span of multiple days to celebrate the season, each game focussing on a different country. Players could earn an exclusive badge for each game completed.

Badge Name
Escola de Samba Parade
Rio Carnival!
Portekiz'de Karnaval Zamanı!
Kölle Alaaf!
La Mojadera!
Benvenuti al carnevale di Venezia!
Bataille de Fleurs!
The Burial of the Sardine!