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Release date: Unknown
Available from: Catalogue
“it's not just the furniture of your room that expresses your personality. A splash of colour on the walls or a sassy patterned carpet can make all the difference. Use our virtual room below to test out the combinations before you buy. 2 credits each.”

Spaces was a category within the catalogue that allowed users to add Wall, Floor and Landscape to their rooms, and can also be used to help "black out" an entire room via the use of a Moodlight (see the Tricks and bugs page). Since the introduction of Habbo 2020 and after a limited time of no wallpaper, flooring or views could've been bought all categories are separated in the catalogue now and can be found under the "By Type" tab.

The Spaces category could be access under the 'Furni By Line' section of the catalogue and is regarded as a fairly "classic" furniture category, due to it being an original feature of the catalogue. The Landscape decorations are the most recent addition to the line, back in August 2008, and have only received one update since they were first introduced, which were the addition of four new views.

The most popular combination are red walls and red floors, this is because you can use a Mood Light and put it on the color dark blue to make the whole room black. This effect was used by many habbo's for such rooms like casinos and mazes, and still used for other rooms.

However, Wallpapers are no longer essential for users to "black out" their room. An update in Habbo Club Room Settings now allows users to hide the room walls by ticking a box. Although the red flooring is still needed.


Main Article: Wallpapers

Wallpapers is a form decoration that players can put on their room walls, purchasable from the Catalogue with Credits. The price range for wallpaper is currently 3-4 Credits, and some could be previously bought with duckets (Note that ducket purchases were not as visually appealing and fancy as coin purchases.)

Floor Patterns

Main Article: Floor Patterns

Habbos can now buy flooring separated from the Wallpapers and Landscapes in the Catalogue under the "By Type" tab in "Floor Patterns". All flooring cost 2 Credits and Just like with wallpaper, players are able to preview the flooring before they buy it by dragging the preview into the room.


Main Article: Landscapes

Landscapes (Previously known as Views) are a feature introduced in August 2008 that Habbos can add to their rooms. This feature lets players add a landscape to the Windows that are placed in their rooms.