Gondolas and Canals

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Gondolas and Canals
Release date: February 2013
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

Gondolas and Canals was the furniture range exclusive to the Valentines campaign in 2013 ran by Habbo. It was released into the Catalogue on the 8th February 2013. It included 14 new items, alongside previously released ones from other categories. It was available in the catalogue in August 2019 under the name Venetian Cityscape.


Name Image Name Image
Gondola Back Gondola Back.png Gondola Front Gondola Front.png
Gondola Middle Gondola Middle.png Gondola Middle Seat Gondola Middle Seat.png
Gondola Post Gondola Post.png Venetian Building Block Venetian Building Block.png
Venetian Building Venetian Building.png Venetian Building 2 Venetian Building 2.png
Venetian Divider Corner Venetian Divider Corner.png Venetian Divider Venetian Divider.png
Venetian Wall Venetian Wall.png Venetian Wall 2 Venetian Wall 2.png
Venetian Wall 3 Venetian Wall 3.png Venetian Water Venetian Water.png


Badge Description Image
Valentines 2013 - I was here, darling VAL14.png