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Release date: May 2008
Available from: Builders Club

The Japanese collection is a cultural furniture range. First introduced as a full line in May 2008 (or July 2007 on Habbo UK as 'Asian'), the collection is modeled after traditional Japanese culture. The Shishi Odoishi was released as a Rare within the range. The majority of the furniture in the line features the Japanese language in the titles, and also in the furniture mottos before the feature was removed.


2008 Release

Name Image Motto
Japanese Lantern
Jp lantern.gif
You light up my Hoteru.
Floor Pillow
Jp pillow.gif
Perfect for your washitsu.
Irori Table
Jp irori.gif
A delicious nigiri feast.
Ninja Stars
Jp ninja.gif
Don't let it fall off your wall!
Small Tatami Rug
Jp tatami small.gif
Odaijini! (Take good care of yourself).
Large Tatami Rug
Jp tatami large.gif
Nani o kaimasu ka?
Ornate Drawer
Jp drawer.gif
Kore wa nan desu ka?
Kakejiku Ziritsu
Jp sheet 1.gif
The perfect Zen decoration.
Kakejiku Ninjya
Jp sheet 2.gif
The perfect Zen decoration.
Kakejiku Hokusai
Jp sheet 3.gif
The perfect Zen decoration.
Sushi Maguro Jpn SushiMaguro.png Care for some Tuna?
Sushi Ika Jpn SushiIka.png Care for some Squid?
Sushi Ikura Jpn SushiIkura.png Care for some Caviar?
Sushi Uni Jpn SushiUni.png Care for some Sea Urchin?
Sushi Tamago Jpn SushiTamago.png Care for some Egg?
Sushi Kohada Jpn SushiKohada.png
Red Katana
Jp katana red.gif
Care for some Mackerel?
Blue Katana
Jp katana blue.gif
Your own Samurai Samurai sword.
Green Katana
Jp katana green.gif
Your own Samurai Samurai sword.
Sushi Table
Jp chabu dai.gif
Perfect place to eat Sushi.
Jp tea.gif


Name Image Motto
Shishi Odoishi ShishiOdishi.png A traditional Japanese water ornament

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign in 2015, which focused on reviving old furniture lines, new furniture items were added to these lines. Japanese was one of these.

Name Image Name Image
Daruma Doll
Jpn DarumaDoll.png
Jpn ManekiNeko.png
Ornate Shelf
Tetsubin Teapot