Habbo University

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Habbo University
Release date: September 2014
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Wild Wild West
Next Campaign:
Day Of The Dead

The Habbo University was released as a Back To School campaign and Furniture range on the 10th September 2014. Its initial purpose was to come in handy for the various competitions Habbo created for the Back To School event they had planned with the different university clubs of Alpha, Beta and Gamma. However, articles confirmed the speculation that the Dorm range would be a permanent fixture in the Catalogue. The title of 'Dorm Furni' was removed after the campaign, and the items are now under Habbo University in the Catalogue.

The newly released furniture was one of the best ranges created for a while on Habbo, with players bulking and creating amazing rooms with it. Alongside it came the University Rares, Bonus Rares and a Limited Edition Rare which also were constructed well. As many walks of life go to university, Habbo reflected this by releasing various items of furniture with different states and classifications including a Sloppy Bed and a Gamer Shelf.

Although it's a new line, School themed furniture isn't unheard of on Habbo. They already have the Rule The School range that is usually released each year, as well as the Boarding School range that was released as part of Habbo Stories.



Name Image
Alarm Clock
Anime Girl Poster
Anime Robot Poster
Beach Babe Poster
Beach Dude Poster
Bobba Pop Juice
Brotein Powder
Cafetiere French Press
Cat Plushy
Cat Rug
Coat Rack
Colour Cube
Comfy Ottoman
Dorm Bed
Dorm Bookshelf
Dorm Chair
Dorm Desk
Dorm Nightstand
Dorm Wardrobe
Dragon Plushy
Fairy Lights
Floppy Disk Poster
Frank Kidston Bed
Gamer Bed
Gamer Shelf
Girly Chair
Haba John's Pizza
HabBook Pro
Hanging Beads
Hip Mounted Deer
Hipster Bed
Hipster Bookcase
Jewelry Stand
Manga Magazines
Messy Wardrobe
Mini Fridge
Plain Coat Rack
Plushy Pile
Sloppy Bed
Snack Time
UFOware Desktop
uni_moustache name
Vinyl Poster
Workout Bench

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign during 2015, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture items. Dorm was one of these lines.

Name Image
Shelf Corner
Uni Bench
Uni Lamp


Name Image Badge
Lab Desk
Professor's Bookshelf
Habbo TV Projector
Solar System

Bonus Rares

Name Image
Einstein Bust

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Professor's Lectern LTD