Seaside Town

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Seaside Town
Release date: July 2017
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Next Campaign:
Summer Bazaar

Seaside Town was the Summer campaign that ran throughout July of 2017. This campaign saw the release of four new rares and four new room bundle, each of which included exclusive items. As is common with seasonal campaigns, previously released Summer furniture was once again made available in the catalogue under the heading "Classic Summer".

The Seaside Town campaign introduced the Summer Calendar which allowed players to receive one gift per day by logging on. The calendar included various furniture from the Santorini, Coral Kingdom, Coco, Easter Garden, and Big Wave campaigns; along with the opportunity to win Duckets, Habbo Club or Builders Club membership, and Credits.



Throughout the campaign, four new rares were released; two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Shark Head
Fishing Trawler
Boxer Braids
Cute Sea Lion Pup

Room Bundles

Four new room bundles were released during this campaign:

Each of the newly released bundles included one of the exclusive items below.

Name Image Bundle
Merchandise Stall Village Fair Bundle
Promenade Lamp Seaside Watersports Bundle
Habburgers Food Truck Summer Festival Bundle
Star Gazer's Telescope Star Gazer's Bundle


Create the Summer Lido

To help celebrate the Summer season, a competition was launched in which players had the opportunity to design a new Lido that would be included in the Public Rooms section of the navigator until the end of August[1]. Five runners up would be chosen, who would each receive an exclusive badge and seven days of Builders Club. One winner would receive a trophy, a badge, and 31 days of Builders Club.

The winner was named as VinnyLovesYou[2].

The runners up were:

  • UnderCover.
  • Atalyn1804
  • DJPMcG
  • asia-g
  • StarStableoy
Badge Name
Designer of the 2017 Summer Lido
Runner up in 2017 Summer Lido Competition

[BaW] Celebrate USA's Independence Day!

At the beginning of the month, an event designed by the Builders at Work team was launched into the client to celebrate the 4th of July; US Independence Day[3].

Badge Name
Uncle Sam wants YOU!
Taste the freedom
Happy USA Independence Day 2017!

Summer Stories Competition

Throughout the Summer campaign, a story featuring Hotel avatars such as Bonnie and Frank was published throughout Habbo articles, with players being able to send in their ideads of how the story should progress. Players whose contributions to the story got published received three days of Habbo Club and an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Summer Story Creator July 2017

And so the story begins...

"Bonnie Blonde ran her hands through her blonde hair. Sweat was dripping from her forehead as she walked quickly through the crowd. She was stressed, and it showed in her face. As she strode through the crowd, people stopped and stared at her. 'Take a picture, it will last longer!' she snapped at a spikey blonde haired Habbo with a black top."[4]

A Reason is Given

The second part of the story was written by Valyrian.

"Suddenly the whir and click of camera shutters surrounded her. The blonde Habbo with the black shirt bared his teeth, grinned and remarked “I've already got that taken care of Miss Blonde.” Bonnie rolled her shiny blue mesmerising eyes and continued to walk through the enormous crowd of people. Much to her dismay the blonde Habbo followed her. Bonnie turned around sharply. “Look I don't know what your problem is Blondie, but I’ve got a day to get on with”. The blonde haired Habbo extended his arm in the hopes of a initiating a handshake. “Allow me to introduce myself Miss Blonde, I'm Eric Santini." Bonnie let out a gasp and stopped to get a closer look of Eric. “Yes that's right I'm the infamous son of Donnie Santini and I'm looking for my father!”[5]

The Plot Thickens

The next portion of the story was written by Undercover.

Bonnie examined Eric’s face. His complexion was almost angelic, and his square jawline appeared to be chiseled by da Vinci himself. He was the splitting image of his father, if what he said was indeed true. Bonnie blushed at the thought of Donnie again, and quickly hung her head in embarrassment.
“Hey, lady, my eyes are up here.” Eric smirked; his eyes were captivating. “So, do you know where Donnie Santini is?”
Bonnie shook her head. “No, I haven’t spoken with him since… you know… the incident. We can’t talk here, there are too many people.” She whispered in Eric’s ear. Meanwhile, dozens of people within the dense crowd had taken out their phones and cameras to record the celebrity scene. “We all know what you do to people like me. It’s sickening.”
Eric shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong with exposing the raw truths of famous people. Honesty – it’s a thing you should try sometime. In fact, I know a few little secrets about you and Donnie…”[6]

Bonnie Takes Eric

The story was continued by Kerbang.

"At this point, Bonnie could not come to terms with what she was hearing. She took Eric's hand, pulling him to one side and whispered "Come with me!". Without hesitation Eric picked up the bag Bonnie had dropped and followed her promptly. The rest of the fans looked in awe as the pair walked off to get her. Eric handed over the bag to Bonnie. "Oh my, thank goodness you grabbed that for me" she exclaimed whilst reaching her hand inside. Miss Blonde pulled out two huge, fluffy, purple designer Bonnie Blonde pillows. "Take a seat next to me, Eric" she said. Eric sat down nervously, wondering if he had gone too far. Bonnie looked at him, and opened her mouth to speak.[7]"

Eric Turns Away

The next part of the story was written by mahfw.

"Hands clasped together, both eyes fixated on the man beside her, Bonnie sighed heavily. Her newly-painted nails pressed against her pale skin to relieve herself. "Mister Satini..."
"What's with formality, Bonnie?" Eric grinned, "After all, you and I know how close the both of you really were."
She glared at him, responding to his comment. "If you want answers-"
"I don't give a damn about your conditions, Bonnie. Just look me in the eyes and tell me where the hell my father is."
"I can't tell you.""
Why is that? Are you scared about losing everything you have right now? It seems as if you're not willing to cooperate." He continues in a serious tone, "I'll just have to tell everyone how you became famous."
With that, he left."[8]

Bonnie Calls A Friend

L0-VE continued the story.

"Bonnie waited 5 minutes, ample time for Eric to be long gone. She packed her pillows into her bag and walked out onto the pier. The sun hit her platinum blonde hair as she pranced quickly towards a yellow Hoopla tent. She pulled back the entrance flap and as luck would have it, no one was inside.
Bonnie pulled out her cell phone and dialed a long distance number. She waited for someone to answer. After several rings a man picked up the phone. He had a thick accent and you could tell he was an older gentleman.
“Hello, Ms. Blonde.” said the man on the other end. “Frank, I need your help and fast.” Bonnie sounded panicked and Frank could tell she was frightened. “My dear, whatever you need me to do, consider it done.” Frank said solemnly. Bonnie’s sigh of relief was particularly audible after hearing those words. “Go on, and tell me what I can do for you.” Frank stated patiently. Bonnie began to speak quietly, “Eric knows I was involved in the incident involving Donni. Eric's willing to ruin my career because I won't give him information on his father's whereabouts! Donnie and I had an agreement, you know that.” she trailed off. Frank got quiet for a few seconds, then said carefully, “Ms. Blonde, Bonnie, you have to go underground or leave town as soon as possible until I can…” before Frank could finish his sentence the line went dead. She stamped her feet, throwing her phone into her bag and she was visibly irate. For some reason her phone had dropped the call and she had no signal all of a sudden. She began to head towards the tent’s only exit thinking it best she got going, when someone walked in."[9]

Dark Shadows Come to Light

The next part of the story was by Anderge.

"Bonnie let slip an audible gasp as she took a step back from the shadowy figure who had just entered through the only opening in the tent. Droplets of sweat raced down the nape of her neck, towards her bag that was slung across her body, away from the intruder. Hiding her hands, she reached shakily into the bag.
"D-Donnie.." she whispered through bloodless lips.
"We made a deal, Miss Blonde" said the infamous individual, brushing aside wispy strands of his salt-and-pepper hair.
"A deal that I had every intention of fulfilling, had you done your part. And yet," he took a step towards her, carefully blocking her only method of escape "here we stand."
Bonnie licked her lips, trying desperately to moisten her increasingly dry mouth as her thoughts raced.
Despite their long history, the compatability of their zodiac signs, the numerous shared handitem56's and long hours spent nuzzling by the fireplace with glasses of bubble juice, Bonnie felt a terrible sense of foreboding wash over her.
Bonnie Blonde looked into the eyes of a man she had and still loved, and saw only disappointment and a resolution to do what had to be done.

It was that dangerous look in his eyes as he strode towards her that prompted her call for help. Just as she opened her mouth the scream, a faint ringing began to echo through the tent, stopping Donnie in his tracks."[10].

Bonnie Escapes

The story was continued by ScarletBlossom.

"Bonnie hesitantly backed further into the tent dragging her feet behind her across the creaky wooden floor as she did, also patting the air as of to reach backwards for her phone.
Bonnie bent her smooth, flawless legs lowering herself down at knee level almost, picking up her ringing phone from the hard floor and putting it by her ear, "He's here" Bonnie said in a shaky voice as she kept her gaze, fixed and focused on the front entrance of the tent.
Frank whispered on the line "look beside you"
Beside Bonnie was a red plasto chair on top of an unused service hatch with a brown rusty handle, almost like a trap door.
"Are you serious?" Bonnie whispered into the phone, placing her hand on her face as she shook her head.
"Completely" replied Frank.
Bonnie gulped, sliding aside the plasto chair from the service hatch, yanking the handle to open it, it letting out a screechy squeak as she did.
The tent was at the end of a pier that just happened to have a service hatch where's the tent had been placed.
Underneath the pier was Frank in an old canoe with wood chippings everywhere.
Frank reached his arms up ready to catch Bonnie as she looked down at him as if ready to jump, at this point she was short of breath and her heart was pounding through her chest.
Frank pulled a red Bonnie blonde pillow from his rucksack, placing it in the canoe ready for her to jump.
Bonnie took a deep breath her heart still pounding, and then sat on the edge of the service hatch and used her arms to push herself off. Frank caught her and said "I said I would help you Miss Blonde, you can always count on me"[11]

Help Comes From Strange Place

The next excerpt of the story was written by Pixierockstar.

"Frank paddled the canoe away from the pier. Bonnie looked back and saw Donnie standing at the edge of the pier. “We’ll meet again,” he shouted to them, “very soon.” She saw him walk away until he disappeared. She turned back to Frank and breathed a very heavy sigh.
“Are you alright, Bonnie?,” asked Frank.
“No, not really. I just don’t understand why this is all happening now… First Eric and now Donnie.”
He continued to paddle further out into the ocean as he said, “Look, I know that you and Donnie had a deal. You have to know he held his own end of his bargain, but did you?”
She turned away and looked at the murky water, which made her thought of the murky predicament she was in. She didn’t know how things would work out for her nor what consequences it would bring. Her body shivered at the thoughts while the cold ocean wind came by. While she was grateful for Frank rescuing her, she never felt lonelier than ever before and wept salty tears. Frank rested the oars and comforted Bonnie by holding her hands and wiping away her tears.
He smiled at her as he said, “My dear, no matter what happens. No matter how this ends. I just want you to know that I will always be by your side.”
Bonnie felt relieved. She let out a little smile and thanked him. Frank took up the oars again and she asked, “Where are we headed?”
He assured her, “Somewhere safe. A place that Donnie doesn’t know.”
They paddled for what seemed like a long time. Soon they reached at the mouth of the cave, which was a part of a rocky coast. Frank requested Bonnie to find a flashlight underneath her seat. They continued to go further inside the dark cave with a flashlight in her hand. She was sceptical if this was a safe to be in, but she saw a light at the end of the cave, which opened up to what looked like a massive underground hideout. Frank got up and docked the canoe and helped Bonnie get out.
Just as they reached the elevator doors, Frank turned to Bonnie and said, “Bonnie, before we go on. I’ve requested someone to help you. But promise me you’ll never tell anyone about this place.”
She was surprised and yet she promised him to keep the place a secret. They entered the elevator and went up a few floors. They exited to what looked like a superhero’s hideout with many computer monitors, weapons rack and science equipment. Bonnie noticed in particular a picture frame of a young man with blue hair and a cybernetic eye. A woman’s voice behind her said, “That’s Lord Pixel. He was a great hero. I aspire to be like him someday.”
Bonnie was completely startled and turned around to see a woman with silver hair and a yellow outfit. Frank walked up to them and said, “Bonnie, this is Silver Mustard, the person who I’ve asked to help you.”[12].

Things Get Spicy

Habbo Kierm continued the story.

""Silver Mustard you say?" Bonnie stepped back to examine the woman now in front of her.
"Yep, that's correct," she replied back, holding her hands on her hips in the stereotypical heroic stance.
"Why... Mustard?" Bonnie inquired, raising an eyebrow in question. "I mean I understand the silver part quite clearly," looking directly at the shimmering silver hair under the strobe light.
"Because, well mostly it's my favourite condiment," Silver Mustard replied back, "But my favourite colour is yellow too."
"That's... it?" Bonnie continued to press, feeling how anticlimactic the situation was becoming.
"Oh, there's this too," Silver Mustard clicked her fingers and a flame emitted from the tip of her thumb. "Hot like mustard," Silver Mustard winked. Bonnie stepped back in awe, partially shielding her face with her arm in case the flame sparked towards her. "Oops! Sorry, about that," Silver Mustard exhaled to put the flame out, however she breathed a flurry of flames out of her mouth instead. "Sorry again! I forget my breath does that too!" Silver Mustard clapped her hands together, extinguishing the flame.
"Oh wow, Frank!" Bonnie turned to Frank, only to find him already in front of the computers in the big leather chair. "Frank?" Bonnie questioned, looking at the map displayed on the central monitor.
"Come around, ladies," Frank beckoned, waving his hand behind him. Bonnie and Silver Mustard walked over and Frank spun around in the chair to face them. "Let's go through this systematically," Frank clapped his hands together and spun back to face the computers while the two ladies stood behind him. "We are here," Frank pointed at the small red X on the map, "And it is believed that Donnie and Eric reside here," Frank then pointed at the small blue X.
"That seems about right," Bonnie stared at the map and stroked her chin.
"So, what you two need to do is go here to help fulfil part of your bargain, Miss Blonde," Frank then pointed to an area marked with a black exclamation mark. Bonnie nodded.
"But what do I need to do?" Bonnie asked, a little unsure of what was needed of her at this moment in time.
"Do you trust me?" Frank asked.
"Then go to there with Silver Mustard, she will not leave your side. I've also prepared your transport. When you've arrived at your destination, there'll be someone waiting for you. Do not be scared, he is there to give you directions," Frank stood up and wandered over to a closed door. He held his hand out and pressed it against a metal contraption to the side of it, scanning his handprint. The door rose and Frank stepped through. The two ladies following behind.
"I'm guessing that bright yellow thing is what we're leaving in?" Bonnie guessed whilst scanning the aeroplane before her.
"It's custom made," Silver Mustard smiled, "I thought a yellow body with silver wings would be a nice touch."
"It's certainly something," Bonnie stepped forward.
"Step right in, ladies," Frank tapped his smartwatch and the door opened. Both Bonnie and Silver Mustard began to venture inside. "And Miss Blonde," Frank continued before the door closed tight, causing Bonnie to turn her head to him, "I'm only a phone call away."[13]

Bonnie Takes a Flight

The next piece of the story was written by Peachery.

"Bonnie smiled at Frank and headed towards the cockpit where Silver Mustard was already seated, pressing various switches and buttons.
"Put this on", Silver Mustard handed Bonnie an aviation headset right before starting the engine of the brightly coloured beast they were about to soar through the air in. Without hesitation Bonnie shoved the headset over her golden locks and hastily clipped together her seat belt. "You're in for one hell of a ride!", smirked Silver Mustard as the aeroplane gunned towards the end of the runway. Bonnie tightly grabbed the edges of her seat and held her breath as the plane took off, she wasn't the greatest of flyers. "Looking a bit green there Bonnie are you..", with that Bonnie unclipped her seat belt and ran frantically to the toilet, "I guess that answers my question...", Silver Mustard chuckled.
Returning to her seat a little less green than before, Bonnie looked at the navigation system of the plane and wondered what awaited them in Santorini. "I'm curious as to who our mystery chaperone will be once we arrive", Bonnie twiddled her thumbs nervously, "I'm still unsure of what I need to do."
Rolling her eyes Silver Mustard patted Bonnie on the knee, "You'll understand once we get there, all of it will become clear, if you'd have just gotten on with your end of the bargain in the first place we wouldn't have had to do this.". She shook her head and returned her attention to steering them towards their destination.
"I'm sorry, okay?", whimpered Bonnie, "I just had a lot on my plate at the time and I wasn't thinking straight, I'll make this right, whatever it takes."
"Well we're nearly here, I can see the Santorini Isles. I hope you've plucked up the courage to finish this, once and for all." The plane hovered just below the clouds, allowing Bonnie to see the beautiful landscape, she could just about guess the whereabouts of the area that Frank had pointed out on the map. It looked like dense jungle and everyone who knew the Santorini Isles knew what a hardship they could be, she definitely wouldn't be able to do this alone.
The plane began it's descent flying just above the mountains and lush, emerald jungles. "WATCH OUT!!!", Bonnie screamed, covering her eyes. They were headed for a huge landslide of rocks and Silver was calmly steering towards them. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?", bellowed Bonnie as she attempted to grab the control stick from Silver, flailing her arms and legs.
"Hands off Blondie!", Silver snapped at Bonnie, slapping her hand away. "Just you wait and see.", as Silver spoke the rocks split and opened thunderously, revealing the entrance to another hidden lair. Bonnie uncover her face, wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans.
"Why couldn't you have just told me that was going to happen instead of making me fear for my life?!"
"What's the fun in being a super hero if you can't arrive in style?", Silver giggled, landing the plane.
"I would have thought the ridiculously coloured aeroplane was enough!", Bonnie climbed out of her seat and stormed into the cabin.
Silver removed her headset, grabbed her things and opened the planes doors. At the bottom of the steps stood their guide, who wasn't what they expected, at all."[14]