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Release date: February 2009
Season: Valentine's
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club

The Shalimar furniture range was released during Valentine's period in 2009. It is inspired by Bollywood furniture and culture.


Below is all the furniture that was released as part of the Shalimar collection.

Name Image
Desk Shalimar divider.gif
Corner Shalimar corner.gif
Monkey Lamp Shalimar apelamp.gif
Swing Shalimar swing.gif
Large Square Table Shalimar table.gif
Chandelier Shalimar lamp.gif
Pillow Shalimar pillow.gif
Fountain Shalimar fountain anim.gif
Elephant Minibar Shalimar elephant.gif
Lotus Pool Shalimar lotus.gif
Window Shalimar window.gif
Vase of Flowers Shalimar vase.gif
Pink Curtain Shalimar curtain pink.gif
Yellow Curtain Shalimar curtain yellow.gif
Green Curtain Shalimar curtain green.gif
Ornamental Floor Tile Shalimar floor 1.gif
Basic Floor Tile Shalimar floor 2.gif
Palm Tree Shalimar palm.gif
Petals Bolly petals2.gif

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