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American Idol
Release date: February 2009

American Idol was a campaign which took place in February 2009 for the USA and Spanish hotels (.com and .es). The campaign was substituted by a range of furni, also called American Idol. However, release was spread out over a timescale of two months - between February and April 2009. The final accompaniment to the campaign was a Microphone Effect added to the Effects section of the catalogue. Brand new achievements (exclusively for Habbo USA users) were introduced, which involved users gaining votes to help them progress through the different badge stages.

Voting Achievements

On March 10th 2009, the 'Hot Spot Scoreboard' and 'Voting Chair' were released into the Hotel, along with 10 new achievement badges. The culmination of all these elements was a Voting system, in which users could perform on the Hot Spot and be judged by others via the use of a Voting Chair.

Only 1 Hot Spot/Scoreboard could be placed in one room, as it works in the same way as a Trax machine. When a player stood on the Hot Spot, a screen appeared with a list of Trax songs available to choose from. The performance began when the music started playing, and ended once the player stepped off the stage. Their score (based on the votes they received) would appear on the scoreboard above the Hot Spot, which the other players in the room decided on by sitting in a Voting chair, allowing them to rate the contestant’s performance. Unlike the Hot Spot, a user could have as many voting chairs in their room as possible.

When a contestant stood on the Hot Spot, a popup would appear for each judge sitting in a Voting chair, stating Yes or No. Each button corresponds to a vote for the currently performing contestant. The chair would turn blue for a 'Yes' vote and red for a 'No' vote. The more votes a user received, the higher the achievement level they reached. To gain the level X badge, a user had to receive 1651 votes in total. Here are all the achievement badges for this competition and their description;


Image Description
ACH Vote1.gif For gathering a vote on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
ACH Vote2.gif For gathering 20 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
ACH Vote3.gif For gathering 50 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
ACH Vote4.gif For gathering 100 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
ACH Vote5.gif For gathering 180 votes on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
American Idol Votes (Level 6).gif For gathering 200 votes on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
ACH Vote7.gif For gathering 200 votes on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
American Idol Votes (Level 8).gif For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 60 pixels.
ACH Vote9.gif For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 100 pixels.
ACH Vote10.gif For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 200 pixels.

Whilst the final 3 badge descriptions all say "300 votes" and badges 6 and 7 both say "200 votes", the achievement was actually described as "For gathering an additional ___ votes."

Habbo American Idol

Sulake took the voting achievements further, and created an entire competition surrounding the campaign, entitled "Habbo American Idol". Habbos were encouraged to keep performing and collect as many 'Yes' votes as they could, and each week, 5 random Habbos (out of the top 50 scores) received a prize of 25 coins. After 6 weeks, the top 25 contestants faced Habbo Staff at the Habbo Judge's Mansion to perform for a spot in the Top 12, similarly to popular US TV show American Idol. Each of the top 12 contestants received a badge and an exclusive item of furni. They then went on to perform for the Habbo public, through videos posted on the Habbo American Idol Voting group page. The community were encouraged to vote in a poll for the top 6, and finally, the top 2. The final 2 went on to perform one final time and the winner was picked live in a 'Crowning' ceremony. The winner received a Habbo American Idol Winner’s Badge, an American Idol-themed room stocked with lots of furniture, 2 gold bars and a few rares.

American Idol Furniture

All 22 pieces of American Idol Furniture were released in 6 different stages, spread out over 3 months. One of the furniture pieces was never released to the public and was only handed out to the top 12 contestants - this was the Super Rare "American Idol Trophy". Here are the rest of the furniture items;

Name Motto Date Image
American Idol Judge Desk No audition room is complete with out one of these! January 30th 2009 Ai table.gif
American Idol Floor Tile 1 Create a custom floor in your American Idol room. January 30th 2009 Ai floor 1.gif
American Idol Floor Tile 2 Make your American Idol room more unique with these tiles. January 30th 2009 Ai floor 2.gif
American Idol Poster Set the stage with this poster. Feels like you're really there, right? January 30th 2009 Ai poster.gifc
Transparent Floor Watch your step! January 30th 2009 Ai floor 3.png
American Idol Curtain Create the perfect American Idol set with these curtains. January 30th 2009 Ai curtain.gif
American Idol Judge Chair Sit comfortably in this American Idol Judge Chair. January 30th 2009 Ai chair.gif
American Idol Trax Machine Everything sounds sweeter with this custom American Idol Trax Machine! January 30th 2009 Ai trax.gif
American Idol Microphone Sing your heart out! Well, not literally... January 30th 2009 Ai mic.gif
American Idol Star Teleport This could be the doorway to your dreams! January 30th 2009 American Idol Tele.gif
American Idol Audience Chair Fancy seating for your audience! February 20th 2009 Ai chair 2.gif
American Idol Jukebox I sound better already! February 20th 2009 Ai jukebox.gif
American Idol Flat Screen OMG! Finally, a flat screen tv! February 20th 2009 Ai tv.gif
American Idol Piano Write a beautiful ballad for the performance of your life! February 20th 2009 Ai piano.gif
American Idol Piano Chair Sit comfortably in this chair with your Idol piano February 20th 2009 Ai stool.gif
Voting Chair Do you have a good ear for music? March 10th 2009 Ai vote 1.gif
Hot Spot & Scoreboard Stand here and await the verdict! March 10th 2009 Ai spot.gif
Makeup Mirror Pass the lipstick please! March 10th 2009 Ai mirror.gif
Clothes Rack Finally! Somewhere to hang up your clothes. March 10th 2009 Ai rack.gif
Tube Light Set the mood with this beauty! April 3rd 2009 Ai tube.gif
News Reporter Desk Report all the gossip in Habbo at this desk! April 3rd 2009 Ai desk.gif
American Idol Neon Sign Just like the real thing. April 3rd 2009 Ai logo.gif
Interview Chair Next question please. April 3rd 2009 Ai chair 3.gif
Cubicle Partition Need privacy so you can write that story? Get this! April 3rd 2009 Ai board.gif
Beverage Tray Make a toast! April 23rd 2009 Ai beverage.png
Formal Dining Table Nothing but the best for this formal occasion. April 23rd 2009 Ai table 2.gif
Elegant Party Cake Almost too beautiful to eat! April 23rd 2009 Ai cake.gif
American Idol Carpet Make your grande entrance at the finale!
April 23rd 2009 Ai rug.gif
Blue Chandelier No grande ballroom would be complete with out this beauty! April 23rd 2009 Ai lamp.gif
Beverage Tower All you can drink non-alcoholic beverages here! April 23rd 2009 Ai beverage 2.png
  • The News Reporter Desk and Cubicle Partition were released in Habbo UK via random furni package deals.

Latin American Idol Furniture

The Spanish-speaking hotel also received a few items of American Idol furniture with slight alterations; the addition of the word "Latin". Here are the 3 furniture items that were altered;

Furniture Name Furniture Motto Furniture Image
Latin American Idol Carpet Make your grande entrance at the finale! Lai rug.gif
Latin American Idol Neon Sign Just like the real thing. Lai logo.gif
Latin American Idol Flat Screen OMG! Finally, a flat screen tv! Lai tv.gif

Nouvelle Star Furniture

The French version of American Idol Nouvelle Star released the Nouvelle Star Traxmachine on only.

Furniture Name Furniture Motto Furniture Image
Nouvelle_Trax x Nouvelle Star Traxmachine.gif

Other Competitions & Releases

A few other items were released during the American Idol campaign. These items were;

  • An American Idol homepage background
  • American Idol [[[Habbo Home stickers#United_States|homepage stickers]]
  • The "Audience" landscape (found under "Spaces" in the catalogue)

A lot of room building competitions also took place during the American Idol campaign - 5 in total. The themes were;

  • Audition room
  • Studio room
  • Hollywood walk of fame
  • Artist manager
  • American Idol theatre

There was also a video creating competition, a fansite-hosted competition and a graphics competition.

Valuable Items

Although the entire American Idol range comes under "Categorised Rares" due to it being limited to 2 hotels, some of the items proved to be very valuable on These are currently the most valuable American Idol items;

  • American Idol Piano
  • American Idol Carpet
  • American Idol Judge Chair
  • American Idol Judge Desk

The American Idol Jukebox and American Idol Trax Machine were both worth over 80 credits before they were made untradeable in late 2011.