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Release date: May 2011
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally) MarketPlace

Drago furni took a spin on the whole Dungeons and Dragons theme and brought out their own range suited to the genre. It was introduced on 25th May 2011 and has been in the Catalogue twice. The Rare, 'Dragon Throne Rare', is the most expensive rare furniture released in such a way. This may be because it goes with many room designs, it's a perfect seasonal for Autumn and it's also big. The Rare was released on 27th May 2011 and was released for 75 credits and 2000 pixels, very expensive for a rare. However, the average of this item is currently at an average of 45 Credits so it's not such a big loss.


2011 Release

Name Image
Dungeon Stairs Dungeon Stairs.png
Dungeon Wall Dungeon Wall.png
Dungeon Bricks Dungeon Bricks.png
Dungeon Plateau Dungeon Plateau.png
Dungeon Ground Drago2011 Ground2.gif
Dungeon Floor Dungeon Floor.png
Dungeon Pillar Dungeon Pillar.png
Treasure Patch Treasure Patch.png
Treasure Dig Dng treasure 2 anim.gif


Dragon Throne Rare Dragon Throne Rare.png

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign in 2015, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture additions. Drago was one of these.

Name Image
Dungeon Bed DungeonBed.png
Dungeon Flag DungeonFlag.png
Dungeon Sofa Drago2015 Sofa.png