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Release date: August 2013
Available from: Builders Club

Pirates was a campaign on Habbo that began on 13 August 2013.

The campaign included new Furni line of 36 items, split into 3 separate categories as well as Room Bundles, effects and Badges. It also included 3 previously released items such as the Deep Water Patch, Palm Tree and Tiki Sand Rug which are usually associated with the Summer and Tiki ranges. There were three new rares released.

It was one of Habbo's larger campaigns, running for a few weeks with a story behind it. Players followed the story by trying to become a captain, for which they had to complete a series of quests throughout the month. They had to try and collect 'Pirate Bottles' through the 'The Habbo Navy of Pirates' and if a player didn't collect the Bottles, they could no longer be a captain as they needed them for phase 2 of the campaign.

With the release of Pirate furniture, players saw three new uses for furniture. The Sand Trap brought a whole new idea to gaming as if a player stood on it, they became completely immobile for a few seconds - the kick start for the other trapping furniture Habbo released in other ranges later on.

The Pirate Talking Parrot also involved a new feature; if a player stood next to it and spoke, the Pirate Talking Parrot would copy the sentence exactly.

The Pirate cannon also kicked a player who stood in its line of fire when it was shot; something only usually accomplished with Wired.

As well as having an extensive range of furniture, Habbo also brought out some items for groups so players could customise the items to show their group logo.

After its initial release, the furniture line became permanently available in Builders Club. It reentered the Catalogue in April 2018 during the Movie Madness campaign.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Ships Wheel
Lower Mast
Basic Lower Sail
Basic Upper Sail
Crows Nest
Ship Edging 1
Ship Edging 2
Ship Edging 3
Ship Corner
Ship Side
Stair Block

Group Sails

Group sails were ship sails that were in the colours of a linked Group Room.

Group Lower Sail
Group Upper Sail
Group Crows Nest


Pirate Cannon
Sand Trap
Pirate Talking Parrot
Pirate Room Background
Gun Rack
Sword Rack
Pirate Teleport
Pirate Flag
Pile o' Balls
Treasure chest
Orange barrel
Fish Barrel
Stackable barrels


Pirate Rares was a Catalogue line specifically made for the for the Pirate campaign during August 2013 and it was home to the 3 rares released by Habbo to expand the new range. Likewise to most other Catalogue rares, they were released with a price mark of 25 Credits each and were available in unlimited quantities - unlike the Limited Edition Rares Habbo more commonly releases now.

The items were released over a 5 day period and brought a unique-style to Habbo with the release of creatives pieces. Originally, players thought that the Kraken Habbo released would resemble Iku-Turso that was already a Collectible from The Lost World Collectibles range that was released in previous years. Unlike some 25 Credit rares, the Pirate Rares have done well in terms of value mainly sustaining and exceeding their release price apart from the Kraken.

Name Image
Navigators Desk
Poseidon Statue

Ghost Ship

After the release of the pirate furniture, a special room bundle was created with exclusive ghost ship furniture - the Rare Ghost Ship bundle.

These furniture were bundle items only and not sold individually in the catalogue.

Name Image
Ghost Ship Edging 1
Ghost Ship Edging 2
Ghost Ship Edging 3
Ghost Ship Corner
Ghost Ship Stage
Ghost Ship Side
Ghost Ship Plank
Ghost Ship Wheel
Ghost Ship Mast
Ghost Pirate Flag

As well as the above furniture, Ghost Ship Stairs were also designed and released to Habbo's external text files (the codes behind the Hotel). However, this item was not included in the bundle and therefore not available on the Hotel.

Name Image
Ghost Ship Stairs


Two bundles were released during the Pirates campaign and they included the 'Captain's Bundle' which featured 95 pieces of furniture that could be placed together to create a Pirate ship. The other one was the Rare Ghost Ship, which featured most of the Captain's Bundle items, but in a glowing green colour giving it a cartoon ghost ship appearance. Both bundles also came with a badge.