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Release date: Throughout 2020
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Seals were a range of exclusive furniture items that could be obtained by taking part in, or winning, Habbo competitions and badge events throughout 2020. ​Seals were released to replace the prizes given out in previous years, the Hippos, Sloths, Hedgehogs, Tortoises and Pandas.


A total of 14 different coloured Seals were released throughout the year, with at least one new colouration of the furniture item being released each month.

Name Image Release Date How to Obtain
Obsidian Seal Rare prize20 2 0 0.png February Safer Internet Day badge events
Ruby Seal Rare prize20 1 0 0.png February Rom-Com-petition entry[1]
Citrine Seal Rare prize20 3 0 0.png April Design the Habelection 2020 Debate Hall Competition entry[2]
Presidential Seal of Approval Rare prize20 4 0 0.png May

Ancient Building Competition entry[3]
Priorities' Mega Dangerzone Championship top 5 winners[4]
President Pulx's Ultimate Game Designer Competition entry[5]
President Pulx's Dream Badge Designer Competition entry[6]

Bollywood Video Competition entry[7]
Rhodochrosite Seal Rare prize20 9 0 0.png June

KickWars 2020 Top 6 winners[8]
[BaW] Builders Corp events
Emerald Seal Rare prize20 6 0 0.png July Red vs. Blue Game Building competition winners (the Red Devils)[9]
Jasper Seal Rare prize20 5 0 0.png September

Staff Pick Autumnal Room Competition entry[10]

BaW: Habbo Asylum event[11]
Trick or Treat with the Fansites Live event[12]
Sapphire Seal Rare prize20 10 0 0.png October Welcome to the Impossible House hidden prize
Pearl Seal Rare prize20 12 0 0.png December Enchanted Forest series of badge events
Chiselled Seal Chiselled Seal.gif December Welcome to the Enchanted Forest! event
Enchanted Forest series of badge events
Turquoise Seal Rare prize20 13 0 0.png January 2021 Sparkle in the New Year! badge event
Clay Seal Rare prize20 0 0 0.png
Tanzanite Seal Rare prize20 7 0 0.png
Aquamarine Seal Rare prize20 8 0 0.png
Jade Seal Rare prize20 11 0 0.png
Total Seals 15