Flower Power

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Flower Power
Release date: 29 March 2010
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Flower Power was first released on 29 March 2010 as an affordable range of new plant furniture, ranging between just 1 and 6 Credits per item. The Flower Power range has been released numerous times since its first appearance on Habbo.

Originally, the Flower Power furniture was unique and had never been released in another range. Since then various pieces have appeared in a multitude of bundles, and several other plant-like items have been associated with the range as a whole - these items are typically on sale under the general "Easter" heading in the catalogue and have been joined by Alice In Wonderland-like Fungi pieces (which are also popular around Habboween) and later Easter releases.


Name Image Name Image
White Lupine White Lupine.gif Princly Purple Lupine Princly Purple Lupine.gif
Ravishing Red Lupine Ravishing Red Lupine.gif Sky Blue Lupine Sky Blue Lupine.gif
Gold Lupine Gold Lupine.gif Pink Pandemic Pink Pandemic.gif
Jimson Weed Jimson Weed.gif Yellow Delight Yellow Delight.gif
Garden Leaves Garden Leaves.gif Duck Grass Duck Grass.gif
Star Flower Star Flower.gif Snapping Teleporter Garden flytrap anim.gif
Rampaging Red Rush Rampaging Red Rush.gif Gallant Gold Rush Gallant Gold Rush.gif
Wimsome White Rush Wimsome White Rush.gif Perfectly Pink Rush Perfectly Pink Rush.gif
Wonder Lamp Wonder Lamp.gif Bauhibia Orchid Tree Garden orchtree anim.gif
Weird Staring Bush Garden staringbush.png Volcano Flower Garden volcano anim 1.gif
Violet Blossom Violet Blossom.gif Green Bean Vines Garden wall anim.gif