Chill Modern

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Chill Modern
Release date: 01 July 2020
Available from: MarketPlace

Chill Modern is a range of furniture exclusive to the Chill Modern Bundle. The furniture items included in this range are a darker version of the Modern Studio furniture with a more high-rise apartment aesthetic.

Name Image
Chill Modern Bed Darkmodern c20 bed.png
Bunny Light ChillModern BunnyLightStates.gif
Chill Modern Chair Darkmodern c20 chair.png
Organiser Essentials ChillModern CreativeStates.gif
Chill Modern Desk Darkmodern c20 desk.png
Work From Home Equipment ChillModern DisplayStates.gif
Chill Modern Corner Table ChillModern EndTableStates.gif
Chill Modern Floor Darkmodern c20 floor.png
Chill Modern Floor Light Darkmodern c20 floorlight.png
Chill Modern Folders ChillModern FolderStates.gif
Glass Cube Wall Darkmodern c20 glassblockwall.png
Hoomba Darkmodern c20 hoomba 64 a 0 5.png
Chill Modern Air Freshener ChillModern IncenseStates.gif
Chill Modern Desk Lamp Darkmodern c20 lamp.png
Chill Modern Coffee Table ChillModern LowTableStates.gif
Chill Modern Neon Lights ChillModern NeonLightStates.gif
Chill Modern Art ChillModern PicturesStates.gif
Chilol Modern Pillow ChillModern PillowStates.gif
Chill Modern Succulent ChillModern PlantStates.gif
Chill Modern Pug Darkmodern c20 pug 64 a 0 0.png
Chill Modern Books ChillModern ReadsStates.gif
Chill Modern Rug Darkmodern c20 rug 64 b 0 0.png
Chill Modern Shelves Darkmodern c20 shelf.png
Chill Modern Sofa Darkmodern c20 sofa.png
Chill Modern Speakers Darkmodern c20 speakers.png
Chill Modern Tube Light ChillModern TubeLightStates.gif
Chill Modern TV ChillModern TVStates.gif
Chill Modern Wall Darkmodern c20 wall.png