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Release date: 2001
“Adorn your walls with wondrous works of art, posters, plaques and wall hangings. The Gallery is bursting with items to suit all. All items only 2 Habbo Credits!”

Posters and Flags now known as Wall Decorations are a current line of wall Furni in the Habbo Catalogue. This line is one of the oldest lines available. There are currently 22 'old' posters available for purchase these include the Eid Mubarak, which was previously a Super Rare. Other posters and wall objects from other lines such as the spa walls from the Health Spa campaign and Diamond Paintings can be found within the same Wall Item tab. VIP Posters are currently unavailable for purchase, but they will be released every now and then under the name of Old 'VIP' Posters.

The latest addition to the Flags is the Turkish Flag and it is available for purchase for 5 Duckets.


Many Posters have been available in the shop over the years, this is a list of posters which are currently available. All posters cost 3 Credits, with the exception of the Carrot Plague and Fish plague which are 2 credits each, and the Rainforest, Habbo Colors, BW Skyline and Butterfly Cabinet 1 posters are 150 duckets each.

Name Image Name Image
Skyline Poster Skyline Poster BW Skyline Poster Black and White Skyline Poster
Tree Tree Poster Duck Poster Duck Poster
Carrot Plaque Carrot Plaque Fish Plaque Fish Plaque
Bear Plaque Bear Plaque Panda Save the Panda
Habbo Colors Poster Habbo Colors Poster Ancestress Ancestress
Abstract Poster Abstract Poster Rainforest Poster Rainforest Poster
Lapland Poster Lapland Poster Certificate Certificate
Fox Poster Fox Poster Himalaya Poster Himalaya Poster
Bars Bars Hole In The Wall Hole In The Wall
Butterfly Cabinet 1 Butterfly Cabinet 1 Butterfly Cabinet 2 Butterfly Cabinet 2
Shiva Poster Shiva Poster} Eid Mubarak Poster Eid Mubarak Poster

VIP Posters

These posters are currently not available for purchase, but Habbo will release these from time to time.

Name image Name Image
Johnny Squabble Johnny Squabble Poster Bonnie Blonde Bonnie Blonde Poster
The Screaming Furnies The Screaming Furnies Poster Scamme'd Scamm'ed Poster
Smiling Headbangerz Smiling Headbangerz Poster System of a Ban System of a Ban Poster
DJ Throne DJ Throne Poster The Habbo Babes 1 The Habbo Babes 1 Poster
The Habbo Babes 2 The Habbo Babes Poster 2 The Habbo Babes 3 The Habbo Babes Poster 3
Skull Guitar Skull Guitar V Guitar V Guitar


The old Flags category (now merged with Gallery)

All of the Flags on the Hotel had the same motto - Hang it proudly!

Name Image Name Image
Algerian Flag Algerian Flag Argentinian Flag Argentinian Flag
Australian Flag Australian Flag Belgian Flag Belgian Flag
Brazilian Flag Brazilian Flag Canadian Flag Canadian Flag
Chilean Flag Chilean Flag Columbian Flag Columbian Flag
Danish Flag Danish Flag Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic Flag
Ecquadorian Flag Ecquadorian Flag English Flag English Flag
EU Flag EU Flag Finnish Flag Finnish Flag
French Flag French Flag German Flag German Flag
Greek Flag Greek Flag Dutch Flag Dutch Flag
Indian Flag Indian Flag Irish Flag Irish Flag
Italian Flag Italian Flag Jamaican Flag Jamaican Flag
Japanese Flag Japanese Flag Malaysian Flag Malaysian Flag
Mexican Flag Mexican Flag Moroccan Flag Morrocan Flag
New Zealand Flag New Zealand Flag Norwegian Flag Norwegian Flag
Panama Flag Panama Flag Peruvian Flag Peruvian Flag
Philippines Flag Philippines Flag Jolly Roger Jolly Roger
Portugese Flag Portugese Flag Rainbow Flag Rainbow Flag
Scottish Flag Scottish Flag Singaporean Flag Singaporean Flag
Spanish Flag Spanish Flag Swedish Flag Swedish Flag
Swiss Flag Swiss Flag Tunisian Flag Tunisian Flag
Turkish Flag Turkish Flag Ukraine Flag
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom Flag USA Flag USA Flag
Venezuelan Flag Venezuelan Flag Welsh Flag Welsh Flag

Rare Posters

The following posters are Wall Decorations that are considered to be rare: The Hammer Cabinet used to be available for purchase but hasn't been in the Catalogue for a long time.

Name Image Name Image
Hammer Cabinet Hammer Cabinet Habbo Golden Record Habbo Golden Record
Disco Sign Disco Sign Habbo Cola Poster Habbo Cola Poster
The Father of Habbo The Father of Habbo Poster Infobus Infobus Poster
poster_0_name poster_0_name UK Map UK Map
Map of Finland Map of Finland Guy With Glasses Urho Kaleva Poster
Queen Mum Poster Queen Mum Poster Prince Charles Poster Prince Charles Poster
Hoot Poster Hoot Poster Dodgy Geezer Diver Poster
Rastaman Poster Rastaman Poster Rug on the Wall Rug on the Wall

Old Versions

Like some other furniture, many posters were updated to remove real-world branding, bands or celebrity faces in April 2005[1]. Here are the old versions of some posters:

Current Version Old Version Description
Infobus Poster EOPH-juliste Poster EOPH-juliste - Infobus
Bonnie Blonde Poster Buffy Version Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) - Bonnie Blonde
The Habbo Babes 1 Poster Allstars 1 Allstars - Habbo Babes
The Habbo Babes Poster 2 Allstars 2 Allstars - Habbo Babes
The Habbo Babes Poster 3 Allstars 3 Allstars - Habbo Babes
DJ Throne Poster Ezkimo Poster Ezkimo (popular Finnish hero) - DJ Throne
The Father of Habbo Poster Founder Poster Finnish DJ - Habbo Founder
The Screaming Furnies Poster Jimmy Eat World Poster Jimmy Eat World - Screaming Furies
Habbo Golden Record Britney Poster Britney Spears - Golden Record
Smiling Headbangerz Poster Reel Poster Reel - Smiling Headbangerz
Hoot Poster Hoot Book Poster Hoot - Book promotion to Halloween version
Himalaya Poster Himalaya Poster (with text) Himalaya Poster - with and without text
Lapland Poster Lapland Poster (with text) Lapland Poster - with and without text
Rainforest Poster Rainforest Poster (with text) Rainforest Poster - with and without text
Scamm'ed Poster Sum 41 Poster Sum 41 - Scamm'ed
System of a Ban Poster System ban.png Staind (band) - System of a Ban
WWE WWE WWE - Branding and without branding
Johnny Squabble Poster D Mac Poster D Mac - Johnny Squabble
Habbo Cola Poster Mountain Dew Poster Mountain Dew Poster
New Comedy Poster Old Comedy Poster Comedy Poster Remake and original