Infected Laboratory

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Infected Laboratory
Release date: October 2018
Season: Habboween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Zen Garden
Next Campaign:
Hygge in Habbo

Infected Laboratory was a campaign and furniture range that ran throughout October 2018, for Habboween.

A lot of the catalogue furniture came in two different versions, a clean version and a ruined version. Some items in the catalogue could be combined with crafting ingredients to make an unruined version.


Catalogue Furniture

The following Halloween-themed furniture was added to the catalogue during this campaign.

Name Image
Defective Rift Monitor Defective Rift Monitor.png
Rift Monitor Rift Monitor.png
Destroyed Snooping Device Destroyed Snooping Device.png
Snooping Device Snooping Device.png
Infected Monitoring Machine Infected Monitoring Machine.png
Multi-Screen Monitoring Machine Multi-Screen Monitoring Machine.png
Jilted Warrior Figurine Jilted Warrior Figurine.png
Bloodthirsty Troll Bloodthirsty Troll.png
Frenzied Mogwai Frenzied Mogwai.png
Diabolical Pony Toy Diabolical Pony Toy.png
Wrecked Boombox Wrecked Boombox.png
Contaminant Handling Box Contaminant Handling Box.png
Ceiling Mould Ceiling Mould.png
Floor Mould Floor Mould.png
Classified Documents Classified Documents.png
Laboratory Strip Lights Laboratory Strip Lights.png
Laboratory Specimens Laboratory Specimens.png
Operating Table Operating Table.png
Spare Parts Shipment Spare Parts Shipment.png
Laboratory Instruments Laboratory Instruments.png
Staff of the Year Portrait Staff of the Year Portrait.png
Laboratory Floor Tile Laboratory Floor Tile.png
Frayed Laboratory Stool Frayed Laboratory Stool.png
Laboratory Stool Laboratory Stool.png
Laboratory Shelves Laboratory Shelves.png
Medicine Cabinet Medicine Cabinet.png
Blood on the Floor Blood on the Floor.png
Overgrown Skylight Overgrown Skylight.png
Laboratory Skylight Laboratory Skylight.png
Rusty Ceiling Fan Rusty Ceiling Fan.png
Ceiling Fan Ceiling Fan.png
Smashed Glass Wall Smashed Glass Wall.png
Glass Wall Glass Wall.png
Discarded Computer Readouts Discarded Computer Readouts.png
Converted EEG Machine Converted EEG Machine.png
Discarded Desk Items Discarded Desk Items.png
Bloodied Ward Curtain Bloodied Ward Curtain.png
Ward Curtain Ward Curtain.png
Emergency Torch Emergency Torch.png
Steel Floor Tile Steel Floor Tile.png
Stained Laboratory Desk Stained Laboratory Desk.png
Laboratory Desk Laboratory Desk.png
Box Computer Box Computer.png
Infected Specimen Cages Infected Specimen Cages.png
Bloodstained Scientist's Locker Bloodstained Scientist's Locker.png
Scientist's Locker Scientist's Locker.png
Infected Laboratory Wall Infected Laboratory Wall.png
Tiled Laboratory Wall Tiled Laboratory Wall .png
Infected Laboratory Specimens Infected Laboratory Specimens.png
Desktop Items Desktop Items.png
Dimensional Teleporter Dimensional Teleporter.png
Wall of Dials Wall of Dials.png


The following clothing items were released for this campaign, most of which were bloodstained.

Name Image
Bloodstained Shoes Bloodstained Shoes.png
Bloodstained Glasses Bloodstained Glasses.png
Exposed Brain Exposed Brain.png
Bloodstained Jacket Bloodstained Jacket.png
Laboratory Coat Laboratory Coat.png
Bloodied Scruffy Hair Bloodied Scruffy Hair.png
Bloodied Ponytail Bloodied Ponytail.png


The crafting guide

Ten of the Infected Laboratory furniture items and clothing were cleanable by using a Tainted Washing Machine, Washing Powder and Bleach. The cleanable items were available in the catalogue, as was the Washing Machine and Washing Powder. The Bleach was available by completing the official games or buying them in a special offer only available at the start of the month.

Name Image
Tainted Washing Machine (crafting table) Tainted Washing Machine (crafting table).png
101 Washing Powder 101 Washing Powder.png
Super Strength Bleach Super Strength Bleach.png

The following items could be gained by through the crafting system.

Name Image
One Sided Ponytail One Sided Ponytail.png
Ornate Specs Ornate Specs.png
Vintage Throwback Jacket Vintage Throwback Jacket.png
Legwarmer Shoes Legwarmer Shoes.png
Heroic Warrior Figurine Heroic Warrior Figurine.png
Amicable Troll Amicable Troll.png
Angelic Mogwai Angelic Mogwai.png
Placid Pony Toy Placid Pony Toy.png
Fresh Prince Boombox Fresh Prince Boombox.png
Short Curly Hair Short Curly Hair.png


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign; two of which were a wearable items.

Name Image Badge
Axe to the Head Axe to the Head.png LAB05.gif
Cyber the Cyborg Dog Cyber the Cyborg Dog.png LAB06.gif
Vampire Grimace Vampire Grimace.png LAB07.gif
Antique Chemistry Set Antique Chemistry Set.png LAB08.gif

Limited Edition Rare

The Salem (also known as Toby) Limited Edition Rare was released on October 28th. All 396 units sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Name Image Badge
Salem Salem.gif LAB09.gif

Room Bundles

Three new Room Bundles consisting of Infected Laboratory furniture were released during this campaign.

Three previously released Halloween-themed bundles were re-released throughout the month.


Haunted House: Room Competition

Players were asked to design a room to be used as part of a haunted house event for the Habboween campaign. Players were required to use special effects and lighting to create a frightening atmosphere in their rooms. Selected rooms would be used for a haunted house event held by Habbo Staff with Badges found in several of the rooms. The selected winners would win Blood Smear (x1), 101 Washing powder (x1), Badge (x1), three days of Habbo Club membership, and seven days of Builders Club membership. All entrants would win a previously unreleased Hippo.

The winners were:

  • Deactivate!
  • RockCycle
  • UnderCover.
  • iMassey
  • Hx.Ben
  • ben63395
  • ,starelement
  • asia-g
  • Stringeled
  • FridaEwzz

An Image To Die For

Players were asked to use existing Habbo furniture and a Stack Magic Tile to create their own furniture within a 600x600 image size. Ten winners were chosen to win a badge, seven days of Builders Club subscription, and three days of Habbo Club subscription.

The winners were:

  • Airtime
  • kovsky.
  • icearbr
  • doglover53
  • ThcIsBack
  • xTrap
  • teeheemee!
  • ExtraKen
  • asia-g
  • UnderCover.