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The current modern version of Habbo Hotel Navigator, Released in December 2020
The current classic version of Habbo Hotel Navigator, Released in February 2015
The current Habbo Hotel Mobile App Navigator, Released in May 2014

The Navigator is a tool found on-client that allows Habbo's to search and travel to different rooms around the Hotel. It was first introduced at Habbo's inception and has been a permanent feature since. The navigator currently has five tabs, of which there are several sub-categories for users to search with.



The Public category shows all of the Official Habbo Rooms. Under this section, you can find The Welcome Lounge, Theatredrome, Picnic Area and more. The public is currently the default category when opening the navigator.

All Rooms

The All Rooms category is primarily where you can quickly find the most active rooms on the Hotel, as well as a list of recommended rooms based on your room visit history.


The Events category shows all of the current user-created Room Promotions in the Hotel. These rooms can change the order of new and expiring promotions.

My World

The My World category allows you to see everything related to your Habbo. This is where you can find your rooms, any room you are a Group member of, rooms with Habbo's on your friend's list and more.


The Infobox showing detailed room information on the modern version of Habbo Hotel

Room Info

While clicking on the green room icon, you are given a popup box with detailed information about the selected room, as well as various options such as reporting the room or making it your default. The information you can find will include the room owner, a short description and the group and event name.

Create Room

By clicking the Create Room button near the bottom of the navigator, you can be taken to the room creation menu to start your new home. See Room Layouts for more. Previously this could only be selected on one tab.

Promote Event

Creating a room event on the modern version of Habbo Hotel
Creating a room event on the classic version of Habbo Hotel

Currently only the room owner can create a Room Event by clicking on the room information button, a pop up will then show up allowing you to create a room event which will cost you 15 duckets.

Previous Navigator Settings

Saved Searches

You were given the option to use a customised set of searches, for example, you may have used one sub-category from each tab of the navigator. This was achieved by using the yellow category icon. This feature, however, could not be used in Public Rooms.

Filter Rooms

Filtering rooms was similar to the search function found on previous versions. The navigator could refine searches using a drop-down menu, with options ranging from Room Owner to Group Name.

List Of Habbo's In A Public Room

In previous Hotel Versions, users could see a list of Habbo's in a Public Room by holding shift and clicking the room name. This was removed sometime in BETA, due to the very little purpose behind the feature.