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Release date: April 2010
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

Habbo Runway was a competition amongst all of the Habbo sites to create a new Habbo look. Habbos around the globe voted for their favourite looks and guest judge Miley Cyrus cast the final decision on which one would be made into an actual piece of Habbo clothing. The winner was revealed on 14th May 2010 and turned out to be Rykx from Singapore. A range of furniture known as Runway furniture was also released to accommodate the campaign.


Name Image Value
Runway Fabric
Runway fabric.gif
Gotta start somewhere!
Runway Sewing Table
Runway table 2.gif
Watch your fingers!
Runway Design Table
Runway table 1.gif
From fashion.
Runway Stool
Runway stool.gif
Fashionably crafted for your bottom.
Runway Male Mannequin
Runway dummy 1.gif
Shoulder and arm length must be perfect.
Runway Female Mannequin
Runway dummy 2.gif
She'll look great in this!
Mannequin Head
Runway head.gif
It's only a practice head. Don't worry!
Black Styling Chair
Runway chair black.gif
Take a seat and be transformed!
Pink Styling Chair
Runway chair pink.gif
Take a seat and be transformed!
Salon Display
Runway display.gif
Need some mooose, gel, hairspray?
Salon Shelf
Runway shelf.gif
A clean workstation means happy hair!
Salon Desk
Runway divider.gif
Keeping the divas divided - with tools!
Runway Bench
Runway bench.gif
Let the show begin!
Runway Black Fashion Chair
Runway armchair black.gif
For the true fashionista.
Runway Purple Fashion Chair
Runway armchair purple.gif
For the true fashionista.
Runway Pink Fashion Chair
Runway armchair red.gif
For the true fashionista.
Runway Brown Fashion Chair
Runway armchair brown.gif
For the true fashionista.
Runway Blue Fashion Chair
Runway armchair blue.gif
For the true fashionista.
Runway White Catwalk
Runway walk 1.gif
I'm too sexy for my Habbo.
Runway Black Catwalk
Runway walk 2.gif
I'm too sexy for my Habbo.

Room Bundles

The Runway Backstage Bundle, Runway Catwalk Bundle, Runway Photocall Bundle and Runway VIP Party Bundle have been released since the line was introduced.

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