Masquerade Ball

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Masquerade Ball
Release date: February 2013
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Masquerade Ball was a furniture range for Valentine's 2013. It was accompanied with Gondolas and Canals alongside Romantique to add to the campaign. The range was released via the Catalogue and featured 16 new items as well as an unnamed Love Lock.

The range featured a darker Short Grass Patch which appears similar to the one released in the Country range; it also included another Venetian Divider and two more Venetian Divider Corners to link in with the Gondola and Canals range to add to the set.

To go with the Masquerade Ball range, more costumes were released under a new 'Masks' section, allowing Habbo players to wear a mask on their avatar's face. These were obtainable via the Catalogue by purchasing them, or by receiving them in the Free Daily Effects Room. Masks were needed to complete quests that were also released for the campaign.


Name Image
Duck Shrub Duck Shrub Venetian.png
Floor Tile Floor Tile Venetian.png
Gazebo Gazebo.png
Grass Patch Grass Patch Venetian.png
Masked Arch Masked Arch.png
Roses Roses Venetian.png
Table Venetian Table.png
Venetian Chair Venetian Chair.png.
Venetian Divider Divider Venetian.png
Venetian Divider Corner Divider Corner Venetian.png
Venetian Divider Corner Divider Corner Venetian 2.png
Venetian Flowerpot Venetian Flowerpot.png
Venetian Lamp Venetian Lamp.png
Venetian Lights Venetian Lights.png
Venetian Pillar Venetian Pillar.png
Venetian Shrub Venetian Shrub.png