Winter Landscaping

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Winter Landscaping
Release date: 2011
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Winter Landscaping was part of the Christmas 2011 campaign. It contained a handful of landscaping furniture like trees and rocks which could be used to decorate the outside of a winter cabin.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Snowy Tree Xmas2011 tree1.png Tiny Snowy Tree Xmas2011 tree2.png
Big Snowy Tree Xmas2011 tree3.png Snowy Pine SnowyPine.png
Snowy Rock 1 Xmas2011 rock1.png Snowy Rock 2 Xmas2011 rock2.png
Snowy Log Xmas2011 snowlog.png Snowy Rail Xmas2011 balrail.png
Icy Waterfall Xmas2011 icefall.png