Fossil Hunting

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Fossil Hunting
Release date: July 2022
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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Fantasy Village

Fossil Hunting is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout July 2022 [1], following on from the K-Town campaign. The campaign is centred around a Jurassic theme, in particular the discovery of fossils. The campaign saw the release of new rares, a new Limited Edition rare and a crackable; the contents of which were used in a new crafting system.



During this campaign, a new crackable known as the Fossil Rock was released. Users could open this crackable using the Hammer effect and receive one of six of the below fossils.

Fossil Rock
Dino c22 fossilrock.png
Name Image Probability
Big Foot Bones Dino c22 bigfoot.png 16.7%
Big Toothed Skull Dino c22 bigteeth.png 16.7%
Bony Plate Dino c22 bonyplate.png 16.7%
Claw Foot Bones Dino c22 clawedfoot.png 16.7%
Flipper Bones Dino c22 flipper.png 16.7%
Small Toothed Skull Dino c22 smallteeth.png 16.7%


A new crafting system also came along with this campaign; in order to use this players needed to purchase the crafting table. For this campaign, the crafting table was the Excavation Table.

Name Image
Excavation Table Dino c22 table.png

When using the Excavation Table, players could use the fossils they got from the Fossil Rock crackable to create a variety of dinosaur skeletons. The Long Neck Bones could only be retrieved from the Fossil Museum room that was opened in the client.

Ingredients Product
Name Images Name Image
Claw Foot Bones + Small Toothed Skull Dino c22 clawedfoot.png + Dino c22 smallteeth.png Velociraptor Skeleton Dino c22 velociraptor.png
Bony Plate + Big Foot Bones Dino c22 bonyplate.png + Dino c22 bigfoot.png Stegosaurus Skeleton Dino c22 stegosaurus.png
Bony Plate + Claw Foot Bones Dino c22 bonyplate.png + Dino c22 clawedfoot.png Spinosaurus Skeleton Dino c22 spinosaurus.png
Long Neck Bones + Flipper Bones Dino c22 longneck.png + Dino c22 flipper.png Plesiosaur Skeleton Dino c22 plesiosaur.png
Big Toothed Skull + Flipper Bones Dino c22 bigteeth.png + Dino c22 flipper.png Mosasaur Skeleton Dino c22 mosasaur.png
Flipper Bones + Small Toothed Skull Dino c22 flipper.png + Dino c22 smallteeth.png Ichthyosaur Skeleton Dino c22 ichthyosaur.png
Big Toothed Skull + Claw Foot Bones Dino c22 bigteeth.png + Dino c22 clawedfoot.png Carnotaurus Skeleton Dino c22 carnotaurus.png
Big Foot Bones + Long Neck Bones Dino c22 bigfoot.png + Dino c22 longneck.png Brachiosaurus Skeleton Dino c22 brachiosaurus.png


Four new rares were released for this campaign; two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Dinosaur Backpack Clothing r22 dinobackpack.png FHT09.png
Dinosaur Egg Clothing r22 egg.png FHT10.png
Meteor Light Rock Dino r22 meteorlight.png FHT11.png
Iridescent Ammoniate Fossil Dino r22 ammonite.png FHT12.png

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition rare was also released for this campaign: known as the Earth's Core Lava Throne.

Name Image Badge
Earth's Core Lava Throne Dino ltd22 lavathrone.png FHT13.png

Room Bundles

During this campaign, three new bundles will be released.

Meanwhile, the following bundles will be re-released.


Summer Gift Calendar

With the launch of this campaign came a new Summer gift calendar. Users who logged on each day would receive a free gift; this being either an item of previously released Summer furniture, Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits or Duckets.

Habbo's Fossil Museum

Upon the launching of the campaign, Habbo's Fossil Museum was launched, which showcased all the items that were due to be released. It was from this room that, when standing in specific spots, users would receive two Long Neck Bones for the crafting of a Brachiosaurus and Plesiosaur Skeletons.

Name Image
Long Neck Bones Dino c22 longneck.png

The Game Zone

Early in the campaign, The Game Zone opened on the client[2]. This was a maze game that consisted of six rooms; each user who successfully completed the event received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name Description
ES48I.png The lost toy. I found the lost toy!
BR781.png Playtime. I completed Hozzi's maze!