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The Merge was a connection of all the English speaking hotels. The Merge occurred on various dates with the different hotels merging between 5 May and 10 June 2010. Below is a list of all the English speaking hotels that were merged to form (International):


All the English-speaking hotels eventually merged into the new hotel known as (International). Originally, the hotel was merged into, but a month later it was decided that all English speaking hotels would be merged into

The Singaporean, Australian and UK and USA hotels were merged into the new hotel (also known as but widely known as the International hotel) in early June.


Many badges were awarded to members of each hotel after the merge as many people didn't agree with the idea of a merge of english speaking hotels and protested against it. Each badges reflected the images of each country's respective hotel. Below are the badges handed out to Habbos from different areas:

Name Image
Canadian Badge
USA Badge
UK Badge
Australian Badge
Singaporean Badge
Friendship Bracelet

Merge Compensation

See full article at Merge Compensation.

Because different hotels had released different amounts of furni and different lines of furni, the merge created some conflicts, affecting Rare Values across the hotels.

For example on, military rooms were made out of Iced furniture because it was rare. However, after the merge they were forced to adopt the style of using Thrones and Majestics because Iced then became so common.

The Merge Compensation range was specially made furniture given out to those Habbos whose rares dramatically decreased in value after the merge as a form of compensation.