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Release date: April 2014
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Habbo Fashion Week
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Lagomorph is a furni line that was released during the Easter campaign in 2014. The furni line and campaign followed the theme of the Pagan origins side of Easter, although both the furniture released and the campaign itself were parodies of these myths.

The campaign involved collecting Bunny badges in order to obtain a gift from the Gods with the use of rituals to earn rewards. A room competition was held which asked players to design their own Easter Island themed room using the newly released Lagomorph furniture.


Name Image Name Image
Corner Easter Corner.png Captain Perch Captain Perch.png
Cable Chair Cable Chair.png Divider Divider.png
Pillar of Hope Pillar of Hope.png Egg Plant Egg Plant.png
Electric Corner Electric Corner.png Electric Fence Electric Fence1.png
Magnetic Pillar Easter14 pillar.png Polaroid Flower Polaroid Flower.png
Alien Gate Alien Gate.png Floral Patch Floral Patch.png
Lupin Jar Lupin Jar.png Egg Lamp Egg Lamp.png
Shiny alloy tile Shiny alloy tile.png Luminescent Palm Luminscent Tree.png
Electric Flowers Electric Flowers.png Cryptic Tile Cryptic Tile.png
Tech Table Tech Table.png Tech Stump Tech Stump.png
Tech Tree Tech Tree.png Lagomorph Wall Lagomorph Wall.png
Lagomorph Sphinx Lagomorph Sphinx.gif Leafy Teleport Leafy Teleport.png
Small Foliage Block Easter14 block4.png Large Foliage Block Large Foliage Block.png
Large bright light block Large bright light block.png


Name Image
Death Egg-Star Death Egg-Star.gif
[Lagomorph Sphinx]] Easter14 bunnysphinx.png
Cottontail Effigy Easter14 statue.png


Easter Island

A competition was held during the campaign that asked players to design their own Easter Island themed room using the new furniture. The winners were:

  • oSkaterBoyo
  • g.c.magic
  • Biowaste
  • Aphrodisy
  • Barenesses
  • EMC-Safety
  • Banned00
  • matt2205
  • kttttt
  • AzianStarz
  • Mere
  • 8babymyc1
  • Puma
  • spokeunderoath
  • 3476
  • Jinchurriki
  • mcr-emo-kid
  • Wolf
  • Zoobie
  • LordofKittyKats
  • Definitely
  • funkyjen
  • jorsian
  • Laccin
  • ladkid
  • franchellecute
  • Snow-Blizzard
  • Sconticut
  • ihop22

Top 5:

  • babymyc1
  • matt2205
  • Aphrodisy
  • Banned00
  • Puma


Name Description Image
Pink Alien Chicken Contacted by Aliens CHK03.png
Yellow Alien Bunny Contacted by Aliens BUN05.png
Blue Alien Bunny Contacted by Aliens BUN06.png
Dark Chicka chicka, yeah! That´s a strange looking duck… CHK05.png
Green Chicken Alien Contacted by Aliens CHK06.png
Easter mystery I I uncovered the Lagomorph Island secret EST17.png
Easter mystery II I uncovered the Lagomorph Island secret EST18.png
Easter mystery III I uncovered the Lagomorph Island secret EST19.png