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Habbo Fashion
Release date: April 2021
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
March 2021
Next Campaign:
Curious Antiques

Habbo Fashion Month is the Easter campaign that ran throughout April of 2021[1]. Habbo announced the campaign's title toward the end of March via a tweet. Four new furniture items were released as part of the campaign, along with the re-release of past Easter furniture lines.

The launch of campaign also saw the release of a new room bundle, four new rares, a new limited edition rare, new catalogue furniture and a new crafting system.

Habbo also announced that previous limited edition pets that had been released for Easter would once again reappear in the catalogue. These included pets such as bunnies, pigeons, cows, gnomes and Obbah Wobbahs.


Catalogue Furniture

The following furniture items were newly released as part of the Habbo Fashion campaign.

Name Image
Catwalk Hanging Light
Catwalk Platform
Catwalk Wall
Catwalk Floor


To follow the theme of fashion month, a plethora of new clothing items were made available to purchase from the catalogue.

Name Image
Middle Part Hair
Ultra Curly Hair
Dyed Roots
Head Covering
Pleather Gloves
Chest Bag
Egg Earrings
Sunset Dress
Patterned Jumpsuit
Dreamboat Shirt
Hip Aviator Jacket
Wool Cape Coat
Hip-Hop Sweats
Pleather Trousers
Highwaisted Trousers
Holographic Skirt
Smart Oxford Shoes
Colour-Block Trainers
Gothic Boots


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Pastel Dragon
Cosmic Dress
Frog Hat
Giant Egg Basket

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition Rare was released during this campaign; the Disco Egg. This followed the theme of Habberge Egg Limited Edition Rares that have previously been released throughout the Easter season.

Name Image Badge
Disco Egg


During this campaign a few pets were re-released into the catalogue for set periods of time. At the beginning of the month, cows and gold cows were re-released into the catalogue. These were followed by gnomes, chicks and Obbah Wobbahs. Upon purchase, each of these pets arrived in crates that players would have to place in a room and open; all players who purchased these pets also received a badge.


Despite crafting still being unavailable in the Unity client at the time of the campaign's release; a new crafting system, when used players could craft new clothing items. The crafting table, the Fashion Design Table, could be purchased from the catalogue - along with the Ink ingredients and the basic clothing items.

The final ingredient, the Fashion Design Textiles could only be obtained from various games and activities that took place within the Hotel as part of Bonnie's Fashion School.

Fashion Design Table
Name Image
Plain Hat
Plain Crop Top
Plain Joggers
Plain Hoodie
Fashion Design Textiles
Rainbow Fashion Ink
Dark Fashion Ink
Camo Fashion Ink

Varying combinations of these ingredients could be used to craft different colourations of the basic clothing items.

Ingredients Name Image
+ Pattern Hat
+ + Pattern Crop Top
+ + + Pattern Joggers
+ + + + Pattern Hoodie
+ + Combat Hat
+ + + Combat Crop Top
+ + + + Combat Joggers
+ + + + + Combat Hoodie
+ + Colour-Block Hat
+ + + Colour-Block Crop Top
+ + + + Colour-Block Joggers
+ + + + + Colour-Block Hoodie
+ + Rainbow Tie-Dye Hat
+ + + Rainbow Tie-Dye Crop Top
+ + + + Rainbow Tie-Dye Joggers
+ + + + + Rainbow Tie-Dye Hoodie
+ + + Dark Tie-Dye Hat
+ + + + Dark Tie-Dye Crop Top
+ + + + + + Dark Tie-Dye Joggers
+ + + + + + + + Dark Tie-Dye Hoodie

Room Bundles

The following room bundle was newly released during this campaign.

The following previously released bundles were once again made available within the catalogue.


Gift Calendar

Throughout the month a new Gift Calendar was available to players in-client. Between April 1st and 30th, players could log in each day and collect either a previously released Easter furniture item, duckets, Builders Club or Habbo Club membership, or Credits.

Bonnie's Fashion School

As part of the campaign, a series of in-client activities and events took place under the umbrella title of Bonnie's Fashion School, a fictional school ran by well-known Habbo character Bonnie. From these events players would receive exclusive badges along with Fashion Design Textiles to use with the newly released crafting system.

Name Image
Fashion Design Textiles

[BFS] Welcome to Bonnie's Fashion School

Welcome to Bonnie's Fashion School was an event launched during the second week of the campaign, players were asked a series of fashion-related questions within one minute. All the correct answers could be received from Bots that were placed around the room. Upon completion, players would receive a badge and three Fashion Design Textiles to use with the new crafting system.

Badge Name
I aced Bonnie's test!

[BFS] Fashion Design 101

For the second event within Bonnie's Fashion School, Fashion Design 101 was launched; in which players had to help Bonnie tidy up and assist models with finding clothing items to complete their outfits. Upon successful completion, players would receive three Fashion Design Textiles and an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Passion for fashion!

[BFS] Eastern Fashion Show

The third event within Bonnie's Fashion School, Eastern Fashion Show, consisted of three rooms. Two of these were extended entrances to the game, with the third and final room containing the game itself. The premise of this event was that Bonnie had requested students to hold a fashion show, but the lighting for the catwalk was broken. Players had to use arrow tiles to guide an electrician bot to fix the broken wiring. Once completed, successful players would receive an exclusive badge and three Fashion Design Textiles.

Badge Name
Strike a Pose!

[BFS] Backstage

The fourth game in the BFS event took players Backstage at the fashion show, where they were asked to assist in fixing mistakes that had been made in the preparation of the show. This portion of the event consisted of six total rooms; each of which contained a different game.

In the first room, players were asked to collect items that could be used to correct and create outfits - these being piles of clothes, textiles and dyes - in one minute. Upon successful completion players would teleport to the second room; where three Runestone Teleporters were available for the use of players. Two of these linked to each other whereas the third linked to the next room - whichever teleporter this was would randomise each time.

In the third room, players encountered the make-up artists. It was asked that players become the make up artists' assistant and step on two colour tiles that, when combined, would make other colours; i.e. orange, purple and green. Those who were successful continued to the next room, a museum. The aim of the museum game was to find and collect all pieces of hidden clothing that were moving around the room.

In the penultimate room, players had 30 seconds to clean up the mess in the hallway by stepping on 15 piles of clothes and old magazines before teleporting to the final room. To end the game in the final room, players had to dress the mannequins in the correct outfits and call the models to the correct places to change for the show. Once successfully completed, switches would appear around the room that when interacted with would give an exclusive badge and three Fashion Design Textiles.

Badge Name
Found the missing dress!

[BFS] Stop the Paparazzis!

The sixth game in the BFS series was titled Stop the Paparazzis!; the premise of which was that paparazzis had entered the fashion show and players were tasked with stopping them from taking pictures. The game consisted of three rooms - each containing their own mini-game that, once all completed, would result in players earning an exclusive badge and three Fashion Design Textiles.

Badge Name
Stop the paparazzis!

[BFS] It's Showtime!

For the sixth and final game of the Bonnie's Fashion School event, It's Showtime! was launched in the hotel. In the game, players had to use arrow tiles to guide the models to the correct spots on the runway, marked by colour tiles, without coming into contact with a Pastel Dragon that would teleport users out of the game. Upon successful completion of this game, users would receive a graduation badge and three Fashion Design Textiles.

Badge Name
I graduated from Bonnie's Fashion School!

Funny Bunny

Toward the beginning of the month a new game was launched in the hotel titled Funny Bunny. This was an automated game similar to the classic board game Ludo, once at the end of queue players were allocated into two teams - either red or blue. In turns, players would then step onto a random teleporter and the bunny matching their team's colour would move around the board. Whichever team won would progress into the next room where players would free five bunnies, earning them an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Cute bunny!
Wooow, eggs!

Once players had completed the second game, they had to return to the first room and teleport to the viewing area. If the players were wearing the Cute bunny! badge and used the Fishing Rod furniture item, the would receive the second badge (Wooow, eggs!) and an Amethyst Capybara.

Name Image
Amethyst Capybara

Easter Bunny Village

Following Easter weekend, a new in-game event was launched called Easter Bunny Village[2]. The premise of the event was that Robin, the bunny in charge of delivering Easter eggs, had gone missing, and players had complete five hidden games to defeat the evil bunny inhabiting the forest and then find Robin. For each of the hidden games completed, players would receive a badge. The first 80 players who completed all five games and found Robin while wearing the five badges they had already earnt, would receive a bonus exclusive badge whereas players who completed this bonus quest after all 80 badges had been given out received an Amethyst Capybara.

When entering the first rom of this event (Bunny Village), players simply had to step on a banzai teleporter which took them to a Forest Ring Teleporter. They would then enter the forest, and enter a teleporter maze to find the hidden games. Because of this, all games could be played in a random order.

Game 01

The first of the hidden games was a luck-based game. Players would choose a random square and aim to survive. Whichever players were in the same square that the wolf would land in, they lost. After four rounds, a switch would spawn that players who had survived all four could flick to receive their badge.

Game 02

For this game players had to guide numbered carrots to the coordinating baskets. They were given 1 minute and 40 seconds to do so, and the carrots would only remain stationary in the basket if it was correctly numbered. Once both carrots were in the correct basket, switches would spawn which the successful player would then flick to receive their badge.

Game 03

In the third game players were pitted against each other; the first player to make it through the maze of spiders and step on the glass door would win the game and receive a badge.

Game 04

For this game, players had to start at one end of the room and make it to the other end, without hitting any of the four wolves that were moving across the path. Players had 40 seconds to complete this game, once they had successfully reached the other side they received their exclusive badge.

Game 05

The focus of the final game was to defeat the evil bunny. Players needed to avoid the moving bunny statues while flicking the switches in the correct order to reduce the evil bunny's health level. Each player was permitted one shield to protect them from the moving statues, this could be used by saying the phrase "protect". At the end of the game, if players were successful, they would be automatically teleported to a new switch which when flicked would give the player their fifth and final badge.

Bonus Badge

Once players had discovered the bonus badge room, they simply had to wear the five badges they had already acquired and flick the switch next to Robin Rabbit to achieve their exclusive bonus badge and capybara.

Badge Name Badge Name
Sweetest Rainbow Bag of Carrots
Colorful Shoe Blue Hat
Egg Cart Robin Rabbit

Catwalk Room Competition

Following the release of the VIP Secret Catwalk Bundle, the Catwalk Room Competition was released, in which players were asked to design a catwalk in preparation for the General Fansite Event that took place at the end of the month[3]. The winner of this competition received a crafting kit - this included the Fashion Design Table, Dark Fashion Ink and Fashion Design Textiles, one month of Builders Club and an exclusive badge. As well as this, the winning room was featured on the Hotel navigator for the remainder of the month, and was used for the live shows during the Fansite events. The ten runners up received the exclusive badge and seven days of Builders Club.

The winner of the competition was Oivind[4].

The ten runners up were:

  • Hx.Ben
  • lilduzzy
  • Cralinga
  • flooffie
  • OutSee
  • ohku
  • AzianHeart
  • levy1937
  • mlp16
  • iBlueBox
Badge Name
Catwalk Competition Finalist!

Habbo Fashion Design Competition

During this campaign Habbo launched the international Habbo Fashion Design Competition, in which players were asked to design new piece of clothing to be sold as part of Habbo's Summer campaign[5]. In terms of rules for the competition, it was stated that players could only design one item, i.e. top, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and all entries had to use a template provided.

Preliminary Stage

Players were given a week to design their item, after which staff from each hotel chose the top ten entries to be put forward for a local community vote. The top ten entries for each hotel received an exclusive badge, 31 days of Builders Club, 31 days of Habbo Club and a turquoise Capybara. Whereas the winner of each local vote would also receive a VIP Secret Catwalk Bundle and an additional badge.

Name Image
Turquoise Capybara

International Hotel

The ten selected designs from the International Hotel were as follows[6]:

Brazilian Hotel

The ten selected designs from the Brazilian Hotel were as follows[7]:

Turkish Hotel'

The ten selected designs from the Turkish Hotel were as follows[8]:

German Hotel

The ten selected designs from the German Hotel were as follows[9]:

Spanish Hotel

The ten selected designs from the Spanish Hotel were as follows[10]:

Finnish Hotel

The ten selected designs from the Finnish Hotel were as follows[11]:

French Hotel

The ten selected designs from the French Hotel were as follows[12]:

Italian Hotel

The ten selected designs from the Italian Hotel were as follows[13]:

Dutch Hotel

The ten selected designs from the Dutch Hotel were as follows[14]:

Global Vote

The winning designs from the community vote were then put forward for a global vote where players from all international hotels would vote for their favourite three designs. These top three designs received an exclusive badge along with the whole Habbo Runway bundle.

The top 9 global designs were as follows[15]:

Top Three

The top three global entries.

Of these three, the final winner of the competition would be decided by Habbo's design team. The top three global entries were announced as the following[16]:

Along with the announcement, it was announced that each of the top three entries would be contacted to choose a charity that proceeds of the sale of their item would go to should they win. The options were as follows:

Winning Entry

Following this, the design team would turn the winning design into a rare clothing item that would be available for all players to purchase during the Summer campaign. As well as this, the overall winner of the competition received 1 year of Habbo Club and 1,000 Credits.

On May 13th, the winner of the competition was announced to be -Push, from the Spanish Hotel[17]. Following their own selection, it was announced that the proceeds from the sale of the item would go to Save the Children.

Badge Name
For making it to the top 10 of the Design Competition 2021
Local Winner of the Desing Competition 2021
Made it to the top 3 of the Design Competition 2021

[GFE] Fashion Disasters

Ahead of the Live Fansite event at the end of the month, a series of fansite badge events were launched in-client; each launching on a different day and following a different theme. For each event successfully completed, players would receive an exclusive badge. The launch of each fansite event was as follows[18];

  • 27-Apr - HabboQuests - Fashion Colour Disaster
  • 28-Apr - Fuusio - Fashion Flop
  • 29-Apr - HabboRPG - Not another mishap!
  • 30-Apr - Habbox - Habbogue Offices
Fansite Badge Name
HabboQuests Phew! HabboQuests avoided a fashion mishap!
Fuusio Duck Fashion... It's a thing!
HabboRPG Walked the runway with HabboRPG!
Habbox The Habbo Wears Nada

Live Events: Fashion Fansite Shows

On the final day of the month, a Live Event launched within the Hotel which saw all four Official Fansites host their own fashion show[19]. The events all took place within the winning entry of the Catwalk Room Competition at allotted time slots across April 30th and May 1st. Each fansite had their own theme; attendees of each event were asked to dress to suite this theme to take part in the show itself.

Time (BST) Fansite Theme
30th April
12pm Fuusio Space
7pm Habbox Jungle
1st May
3pm HabboQuests Red Carpet
8pm HabboRPG Cosplay

At the end of each event, users would receive a badge for attending the Live Event.

Badge Name
My outfit wowed the Fansites!