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Release date: 2001
“Special Offers are great if you're just starting out. Take a look at our special collections, all at a great price.”

The Deals section was a page in the catalogue from the beginning of Habbo in 2001 until the launch of Beta in 2010. The page had 8 different sets of deals you could buy for 5 coins each, a better price than buying the furni in the deal individually.

The furniture included in the deals were considered junk furni and therefore hard to trade.


Name Image
Wooden Coffee Table With Chairs - Funtional and unobstrusive Deal01Area.png
Kitch Coffee Table and Woven Rug — Swedish cottage style Deal02Iced.png
Steel Coffee Table and Chairs with Matching Rug — live the New York loft apartment Deal03Mode.png
Vintage TV with small table and matching pod chair - a bit of Wonder Years cool Deal04TubePack.png
Set of Auditorium Chairs — for the exhibitionist Habbo Deal05Auditorium.png
Rustic Wooden Table with Matching Stools — get that olde worlde charm Deal06Lodge.png
Functional Plastic Table with seats for a full house Deal07Plasto.png
Large Soft Rug, Door Mat, Small Table and Sunflower — add a touch of colour, instantly Deal08LivingGreen.png
[UK Only, later released in 2008 on NL]

Queen Mum Poster, 2 Fruit trees and a Pineapple Plant — Kitch but cool.

Prince Charles Poster, 2 Fruit Trees and a Pineapple Plant — Talk, They All Listen!

[Bought separately]


Combo Deals

Later around 2008 when habbo introduced a new function where u could buy furni from to catalogue page on the homepage, some new deals were introduced. These deals however cost 10c per set.

Name Image
Home Sweet Home Combodeal01HomeSweetHome.png
Girl Talk Combodeal02GirlTalk.png
Plastic Fantastic Combodeal03PlasticFantastic.png
Sleep In Style Combodeal04SleepInStyle.png
Bachelor Pad Combodeal05BachelorPad.png