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A selection of edited Gold bars and Gold coins.

Credits, also known as "Coins" are Habbo Hotel's official currency. Credits can be acquired by purchasing them from Habbo directly (hence spending real-life money) or by trading them in the game itself through the Habbo Exchange. Credits can be spent in the Shop or traded for other items. Credits aren't just available by buying and. However, although Habbo staff admit that there's no such thing as free Credits, recently they started an Earn Credits campaign. This campaign allows you to download games, complete surveys or "like" a page on Facebook to receive Credits; these don't always work, and most are free.

Credit Uses

  • Buy furniture in the Shop or the Marketplace.
  • Buy Pets from the Shop.
  • Put them in your room for the show.
  • Exchange them by using the Habbo Exchange (see Credit Tax below).
  • Trade with another Habbo.
  • Used to be able to buy Special Offers to save Credits when buying furni.
  • Purchasing Builders Club

Buying Credits

You can buy Habbo Credits with your real life money by paying via SMS or Landline phone. To buy Credits via SMS, you have to text Habbo to the number provided on the screen. After your message is sent you will receive another message with your voucher code; you will have to input this on the Credit page in the correct box/place. To buy Credits via Landline phone, you must ring the number provided on the screen, and when the provider asks you for your Habbo ID you have to put the numbers in and then wait until the provider hangs up and you will receive your Credits!



Buying Credits by SMS have always been a very quick and easy method of purchasing coins and is one of the most popular methods for users who may not be old enough to own a card.

Credits / Subscription Pounds
20 Credits £1.50
40 Credits £3
Habbo Club (14 days) £1
Habbo Club (1 month) £1.50
Builders Club (14 days) £3

Credit Card

You can also buy Credits using Credit or debit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners' Club are all accepted payment methods. Various other payment cards, such as UKash are available depending on the country you reside in. Here is a table of the Credit prices by card:

Credits / Subscription Pounds
55 Credits £3.99
110 Credits £7.49
225 Credits £15.49
590 Credits £37.99
Habbo Club (1 month) £1.50
Habbo Club (6 months) £7.49
Habbo Club (1 year) £13.99
Builders Club (14 days) £3
Builders Club (1 month) £6.99


You can also buy Credits by ringing a phone number on your landline telephone. This has become a slightly less popular option over the years, as more people own mobile phones.

Credits / Subscription Pounds
33 Credits £3

In-Store Credit Vouchers

You are also able to buy Habbo Credits from your local EB Games store. These are called pre-paid cards, and they are a collectable item. They come in 50c, 100c and 250c. Once you have found your local EB Games store and bought a Habbo prepaid card, scratch the back sticker of the card to reveal the voucher code. This has now been improved and expanded, and they aren't just secluded to an EB store. They were available at Game, WHSmith and Tesco and entitled you to 80 Credits for £10. However, after the Channel 4 Investigation in 2012 many of the large companies, such as Tesco and Game stopped selling these.

Double Credits

Every so often Habbo will come up will release a Double Credits promotion. During this promotion, whichever amount of Credits you buy, Habbo will generously give you the same amount for free. This is a good time for you to buy Credits if you don't usually do so. The double Credits promotion usually comes out only once or twice a year. These days, they also double the number of diamonds that are included in the Credits deal that you buy.

Earn Credits

In 2012 Sulake added a way for users to get Credits by completing surveys, which quickly became a very popular method of getting essentially free Credits. Especially the video which gave the user one bronze coin for every complete watch. This was easily exploited as many users watched the video repeatedly on many clone account and collected up to thousands of free Credits and were subsequently removed in early 2013 for 'Watch & Earn', which users would receive junk furniture. Many of the Credit offers today either is hard to complete or are scams.

Credit Tax


The Credit Tax is still a relatively new addition to Habbo Hotel. In order to transform a Credit from your purse into a form of tradeable currency, you must pay a one Credit tax which goes directly to Habbo. The tradeable currencies available are the: Bronze Coin (1c), Silver Coin (5c), Gold Coin (10c), Sack of Coins (20c) and the Gold Bar (50c). This has been very inconvenient to Habbos that buy Credits and exchange them for tradeable currency as they lose one Credit with each transaction. Habbo has stated that they won't be removing the Credit Tax in the near future.

However, for Easter, the Platinum Bar was released which was worth 500 Credits, surprisingly this didn't cost any more to exchange such as 501 Credits and instead cost the correct amount (500 Credits). This may have been down to the amount the Bar was actually worth or just a silly mistake. They have since been removed from the Catalogue and supposedly will be selling for a lot more than 500 Credits due to the rarity of them.

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