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Room Backgrounds are a relatively developed style of Habbo furniture which allow users to add additional background images to their Rooms. They were first released around the same time as the introduction of Clouds campaign currency, with Cloud Machines and Background Toners.


Name Image Motto
Background Toner Room background: Add some colour to your room background!
Cloud Machine Room background: A cloud that floats past your room
Dark Cloud Machine Room background: A mountainous scenic background for your room
Mountains Background
Room background; A mountainous scenic background for your room
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo
Fairground Of Fear
Hovering between this world and the next
Pirate Room Background Beware of pirates
Aurora Borealis Room Background Look at the pretty lights!
Starry Night It's the final frontier y'know
Loca-Motive Landscape Blink and you'll miss it
Loca-Motive Landscape 2 Any time of day
Skyscraper City All the bright lights...
Evening Cityscape Ooh, ferris wheel!



  • The Skycraper City and Evening Cityscape mottos are swapped. The Evening Cityscape does not contains a Ferris Wheel.