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Every so often, the hotel receives a few interesting updates and the hotel version/released used to change. This occurred right up until R/V63, when Sulake decided to introduce "builds" instead (e.g. Build 1335) and also, we now refer to the updates past V/R33 as "BETA updates". Different releases/versions used to be a rare occasion back in 2000-2003 but they became more common as Sulake and Habbo Hotel grew in size. Here is a list of the first 10 versions and what they brought to the hotel:

Unknown Specific Pre-V6 Updates

  • 2001 - Sulake were testing gaming furniture in private rooms. Battleships, Chess, Noughts and Crosses and Poker were then going to be playable without visiting the public gaming room. Unfortunately, due to the amount of glitches and problems occurring while implementing this furniture, the idea was soon scrapped.
  • 2001 - In 2001, it was possible for any user to use the :startlog 'email' command. All users could record their own chatlogs for future reference!. This was removed in 2001 when the "Hobba Channel" was introduced due to this tool automatically recording their chatlogs when a "Call for help" is sent.
  • February-May 2001 - During the early beta days of Habbo, it was only possible to dance in public rooms. Dancing in private rooms was made available shortly after. The option to choose gender was also added!
  • May--November 2001 - There was a second update to the selection of hair, clothes and colours. Later in 2001, Santa hats, bunny ears and reindeer antlers were added to the hair/hat clothing section.
  • May-December 2002 - Small Plants (such as Aloe Vera) and other furniture such as the Army Plasto Chair were being scripted and entered circulation.
  • June-December 2002 - Stickies, Area, Iced and Plasto furniture were graphically updated and Hobba alerts were changed to appear inside the client rather than appearing externally as an exclamation window.

August-December 2002 - Mode Hatches, Lodge Doorways and Holodice were added into the catalogue.


  • August 2000 - Habbo Hotel opens in Finland.
    Habbo Hotel Finland - Year 2000
  • 16th January 2001 - Habbo UK public BETA arrives.
  • 23rd January 2001 - The Habbo Hotel UK front page arrives.
  • 19th February 2001 - Public rooms and the catalogue were released.
  • March 2001 - An SMS system messaging service is integrated into the Habbo console but later removed in 2003.
  • 7th May 2001 - The public room "Habburgers" opens up to the community.
  • 18th May 2001 - The GSC and Hobba information was added to the front page.
  • June 2001 - Secure trading was added. Before this, players had to drop pieces of furniture on each other to trade.
  • 3rd August 2001 - The Theatredrome, Basement, Median and Skylight Lobbies were opened to the public.
  • 24th August 2001 - Gallery section of the catalogue is introduced.
  • 29th August 2001 - Due to a strain on the MAGENTA servers, the hotel limit was upgraded from 750 to 2,000.


  • 1st October 2001 - Habbo Lido is opened to the public.
    Both areas of the Lido Deck
  • October 2001 - Habboween seasonal section was added to the catalogue and removed from the catalogue on November 4th. The furniture was then deleted throughout the hotel during November 2001.
  • November 2001 - The Habbo Cinema was seen for the first time. The Wardrobe, Portaloo and Telephone Box Teleporters were also added into the catalogue.
  • December 2001 - The Christmas seasonal section was added into the catalogue and this time, the furniture wasn't deleted.
  • January 2002 - Ice Cafe, Eric's Eaterie, Chromide Club and the Hotel Kitchen public rooms were opened to the public.
  • 14th February 2002 - Love section was released into the catalogue and this section wasn't removed for a very long time.
  • 19th February 2002 - Sum 41 took part in a promotion on Habbo to promote their latest single "Motivation". Their posters were added to the Gallery section and later changed due to the removal of branded items.


  • 10th April 2002 - Sunny Delight started an online campaign with Habbo - also advertised on TV!
    Dragon Egg
  • 28th May 2002 - The Throne, Holopod and Samovar were given out as a birthday gift from ione.
  • 18th June 2002 - The two millionth member checks into Habbo Hotel.
  • July 2002 - Scooby Doo movie promotion initiated - Sarah Michelle Gellar posters were added into the catalogue and later removed due to the removal of branded items.
  • 12th September 2002 - Britney Spears checks into Habbo Hotel and posters of her became available from the catalogue. The posters were later changed to "Bonnie Blonde" posters due to the removal of branded items.
  • 24th October 2002 - Habbo launches the first quest for Spyro the Dragon and eggs were then given out in the competition. This was the first "Super Rare".
  • October 2002 - Habboween furni was released back into the catalogue - the furniture wasn't deleted this year.
  • October 2002 - Access to the beta client allowed the public to test the "Wave" command. The ability to wave in both public and private rooms was later implemented.
  • November 2002 - The Camera section was added into the catalogue and the Hologirl was added to the "Extras" section - it was priced at 25 credits and became the first "Catalogue Rare Furni".


  • December 2002 - The keyboard characters '<>_+' were no longer an option for a username during account creation. This was because of technical issues when purchasing credits via SMS.
  • 17th December 2002 -
    Habbo Club Badge
    Habbo's premium subscription service known as Habbo Club "HC" debuted. The account "HobbaContact" was no longer to be used and was replaced with "Moderator", this was to avoid confusion with the new Habbo Club service. The Habbo tile profile was also updated.


No-one's quite sure where V5 went. It's a mystery of the past...


  • The main focus of V6
    Old Habbo Hotel UK Navigator
    was to improve the visual look of the navigator (there is an older version of the Habbo UK navigator on the right).
  • Coloured icons were added onto the navigator to show how popular a room was. So, if a player's room was red, it is suggesting it's full or close to it. Yellow means it's busy, green means a few people are in the room and Grey tells us it's empty. The number of people required for each colour is dependant upon the room limit.
  • Players can now store more Favourite Rooms than ever before!
  • A new feature was also added in this update. If a user held shift and clicked on a Public Room, a pop-up would display who was inside the room! It only worked for Public Rooms and was removed in Habbo BETA.
  • Categories were also added in this version. Players now have the option to place their rooms in a category and explore other rooms based on their categories.
  • The :furni command was added for HC members.


  • The "ignore" button was added. Users finally had the option to put annoying people on ignore!
  • The doorbell option for rooms was introduced! People could now control who could and couldn't enter their room.
  • When users click their avatar, a new box has appeared named "Badges" If a player owned a badge, they could now show it off to all other Habbos by setting it to 'Visible', which then shows it on their character's info box. At this point, very few people had badges, so if a player had one, they were very lucky.
  • Sponsered posters and furniture items had their logos removed and were turned into use-able items (e.g. the Sarah Michelle Gellar posters became Bonnie Blonde posters).
  • Hobbas had a few privileges removed.
  • A lot of Rare furniture (including re-coloured Rares) was uploading during this version.


  • The registration method was made a lot simpler in V8, simply fill in a few boxes and be ready to enter the hotel!
  • In this update, users were greeted with a whole new experience before they'd even bought Habbo Club - they got a funky new popup! The popup displayed how many months they'd been in Habbo Club, how long they had left in the club and how many months they'd paid for in advance. Not only could they buy more months, the more they bought, the cheaper it was!
  • HC-only Public Rooms were introduced into the hotel. The House Of Flying Daggers and The Majestic were the first rooms that only HC members were allowed into.
  • Habbo Club members get yet another advantage; 3 new dances to carry out! These were Duck Funk, The Rollie and Pogo Mogo. Along with these they still received the classic HabHop (now simply known as "Dance").
  • In this version, the purse also received an update. It not only showed players how many credits they had, and their past transactions, but players could also see how many gaming tickets they had and how much film they had for their camera.
  • The hand gained controls (back, forwards and close) and when players put furni down it closed automatically.
  • The Digital TV showed BattleBall and Snouthill instead of Formula 1.
    BattleBall Logo
  • Sulake gave us the joy of queuing when a room is full. Habbo Club members got to to go the front, as they had priority. This made it much easier to get into a full room!
  • Habbo eXperts were introduced due to the removal of Hobbas.
  • The maximum number of friends a normal user could have was limited to 100.
  • BattleBall was added!
  • V8 is also said to have a lot of patches against scripting and bug fixes.
  • The door was moved so it is now on the far side of the room.


  • Another colour was added to the icons on the navigator. The dark red colour meant the room was full - orange replaced the old red colour and was used on rooms that were nearly full.
  • The Call For Help (CFH) was also updated.
    CFH during V9
    Users now had seven options to choose from, but only one of those would actually allow them to message a moderator, whereas the other six would simply redirect players to the appropriate FAQ page.
  • Four new public rooms were released into the hotel. The four new rooms were the Empire Gardens 1 & 2, Empire Palace, Hanging Gardens and The Stadium. Four of these rooms suited the up-coming Chinese theme but The Stadium was for the World Cup!
  • New additions were added to the room layouts! These new layouts range from 304 tiles to 448 tiles. Of the ten new rooms, four of those were for Habbo Club members only.
  • The room limits were altered. Players could now choose a room limit of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 people!
  • All the hotel views (different countries) now said "Habbo Hotel" in the top corner.
  • The option to hide full rooms was also added.
  • Clicking in the door will now make players leave the room.
  • Users can now add more favourite rooms, and Public rooms are allowed to be added.
  • The "Go" buttons on the navigator were updated.


V10 did not include any new features and was mainly just bug fixes and security updates. A number hotels upgraded to V11 at the same time as this update.