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Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Viking Pillar
Lund Stool
Dark Wood Floor
Furolles Torch
Amber Roof
Verdigris Roof
vikings_stove name
Viking Weapon Rack
Steelscar Flag
Battleshade Flag
Steelscar Banner
Battleshade Banner
Stone Divider
Stone Corner
Stone Gate
Steelscar Figurehead
Battleshade Figurehead
Steelscar Wall Shield
Battleshade Wall Shield
Spiked Skull
Steelscar Chair
Battleshade Chair
Steelscar Table
Battleshade Table
Cooking Pit
Cooking Pit
Steelscar Wooden Wall
Battleshade Wooden Wall
Runestone Teleport
Viking Bed
Viking Long Ship Front
Viking Long Ship Middle
Viking Long Ship Middle
Viking Long Ship Middle
Viking Long Ship Back
Vegetable Bingue
Meat Bingue
Timber Divider
Timber Corner
Timber Gate


Crackable boxes appeared briefly in the catalogue for Habbo Club members only, at a cost of 25c each. They would contain one of three rares as below.

HC Viking Rares Box
Name Image
Yggdrasil Tree
Viking Chess Piece
Mjolnir of Thor

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Price
Game of Habbos 1000 Credits

Room Bundles

Viking Coties

If a Viking Cotie was double-clicked by a Habbo wearing a Battle Shade Helmet and Torch or Steelscar Helmet and Torch effect the Cotie would burn. Once burnt only ashes would remain. Doing so would give you the Vicious Viking achievements.


  • Battleshade Helmet and Torch
  • Steelscar Helmet and Torch