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Release date September 2007
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Grunge range of furniture first released in Japan in September 2007. It is now a permanent fixture in most Hotel Catalogues, but recently the line has been mixed in with the Prison and Urban furniture in the Catalogue. This section originally only had 9 items, but in February 2008, additional furniture pieces were released in a few Hotels.

The Grunge furniture range is based on worn out furniture, thrown out furniture or furniture bought at a very low cost in real life.


Name Image
Grunge Shelf Grunge shelves.gif
Grunge Table Grunge table.gif
Grunge Chair Grunge chair.gif
Grunge Radiator Grunge radiator.gif
Grunge Mattress Grunge mattress.gif
Grunge Sign Grunge stopsign.gif
Grunge Barrel Grunge barrel.gif
Grunge Bench Grunge sofa.gif
Grunge Candle  Grunge candle.gif