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Commands are pre-set phrases that can be typed in while on the Habbo client, enabling a Habbo to carry out certain actions. Their main purpose is to save time, as opposed to manually clicking through the menu in order to carry out the action.

There are commands that allow gestures such as waving and dancing, some that control Pets, while others are reserved for Habbo Club members. There are also some commands that only Moderators can use.

The other type of commands are Alt Codes which replace the text with a symbol in chat.

Using Commands

Commands are used by typing specific phrases (most are preceded by a colon) into the chat bar on the Habbo client.

Some commands have further parameters, meaning additional information must follow the command (such as a number or Habbo Name) in order to achieve the desired effect. These will be shown in italics and should be replaced when using them in-game.

If a typo is made or the command is formatted incorrectly, whatever is in the chat box will be said like normal text by the Habbo. Successful commands will not be displayed in chat.

Player commands

Command Result Example
:furni Lists every item of Furni in a room, allowing for easy selection of out of reach furniture. (HC only) Furnicommand.png
 :sign 0-17 Makes the user's Habbo display a sign with numbers 0 to 10. Typing 11 shows a heart symbol instead, typing 12 shows a skull and typing 13 performs the thumbs-up action. Interestingly, the 0 sign is the only one that isn't available through the menu. Signs.gif
o/ Causes the user's Habbo to wave. Waving.gif
 :idle Makes the user's Habbo display a snoring animation, as if inactive. Idle.gif
 :kiss Makes the user's Habbo blow a kiss. (HC only) Kiss.gif
 :D Makes the user's Habbo appear to laugh. (HC only) Laugh.gif
_b Shows the user's Habbo giving a thumbs-up (same action as :sign 13). Thumbs-up.gif
:pickall Picks up every piece of Furni in a user's room, placing it into their inventory. It has no effect on a room's pets, sticky notes, wallpaper or flooring. Pickall.png
 :ejectall Removes all furniture in a group room and sends it to the corresponding Habbos inventory Ejectall.png
: x This is used to say a user's (or Pet's) name without typing it out. To do this, a player must type : x at the beginning of the speech bar, click on a player (or Pet) and then press enter. Command x.png
 :mutepets This command allows Habbos to mute all pets in the room for the session. This will only affect the Habbo who uses the command, all other players will continue to see pet speech.
 :mutebots This command allows Habbos to mute all bots in the room for the session. This will only affect the Habbo who uses the command, all other players will continue to see bot speech.
:habnam Enables the 'Habnam' dance effect Dj shadow habnam.gif
:moonwalk Enables the 'Moonwalk' effect (walking around backwards. Dj shadow moonwalk.gif
:stand This will make your Habbo stand up. Dj shadow stand.PNG
:sit This will make your Habbo sit down. Dj shadow sit.png
:jump This will make your Habbo jump on the spot.
:YYXXABXA Enables the 'Lightsaber' effect. Dj shadow saber.gif

Pet commands

No commands for pets are preceded by a colon, all of which are available while training your pet. The experience you would receive for using the commands through training will still be awarded this way.

Command Result
pet name free Cancels any previous sit, stay or follow commands given to the pet.
pet name sit Causes the pet to sit.
pet name drink The pet will choose any placed water bowl and drink from it.
pet name eat The pet will eat if there is any placed food.
pet name down The pet will lay on the floor, in place.
pet name here The pet will come to the spot where the user's Habbo is.
pet name beg The pet will stand on its hind legs and beg to the Habbo.
pet name play football The pet will play football if there is a ball placed in the room.
pet name play dead The pet will lie on its back and play dead.
pet name stay Causes the pet not to move from its spot.
pet name follow The pet will follow the user's Habbo when it moves.
pet name stand The pet will stand normally on all fours, if it is carrying out any other actions.
pet name jump The pet will start to jump.
pet name speak Causes the pet to speak (a speech bubble will appear) without waiting.
pet name play The pet will find a placed toy and play with it.
pet name silent Causes a pet to not speak, unless the speak command is given.
pet name nest The pet will return to a placed bed.
pet name follow left Causes the pet to follow the player nearest to its left.
pet name follow right Causes the pet to follow the player nearest to its right.
pet name move forward The pet will move forward one tile.
pet name turn left Causes the pet to face left.
pet name turn right Causes the pet to face right.

Note: There are varied commands for some of the other pets, such as the 'Chick' can do a 'Chicken dance' where as other pets cannot. This is just one of many.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Although not commands you type into the chat bar, these keyboard shortcuts are helpful to know.

Command Result
ALT + 1-4 Scales the Habbo interface, with 1 being smaller and 4 being more zoomed in.

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