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The habbo purse.

The Habbo Purse was a way of organising a user's Credits, Camera Films and Gaming Tickets. A user could click the Purse which would open up the window and display how many credits they had, with a number figure and with numbers of credits below 100 credits each individual coin would be shown. If the purse was empty it would simply display flies buzzing around the purse. When the Habbo Client was upgraded to Beta, Sulake made the decision to merge the Purse into the catalogue due to the Camera and Gaming Tickets being removed it was simpler to keep it in the catalogue.

The full list of features available in the Purse were:

  • Ability to view amount of credits.
  • Ability to view amount of gaming tickets.
  • Ability to view amount of camera films.
  • Ability to view past credit transactions.
  • Ability to purchase credits and vouchers.