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Costumes are the replacement for Pixel Effects and were first released during the Haunted Carnival campaign in October 2012. The only major difference between Costumes and pixel effects is the fact that Costumes don't cost Pixels and tend to last a longer length of time.

Costumes released during the Habboween 2012 campaign did cost Credits and Pumpkins, although users could gain a free "Alien Costume" by going to a Staff Owned Room called "BECOME bobba". Once a user has purchased a costume, they can choose to active it under the Clothing and Appearance section and it will last 30 days once activated.

Just like pixel effects, you cannot trade Costumes.


Here are all the costumes that have been available so far (excluding the handful that were previously a pixel effect and simply recoloured/given animation):

Effect Name Effect Image Effect Motto Release Price
Strong Arms
These 24 inch pythons are perfect for heavy lifting 3 Credits + 15 Pumpkins
Ringmaster Costume
Come one, come all, to the freakiest show on Earth... 3 Credits + 15 Pumpkins
Executioner Hood
A child of death, his face a mystery to all but his victims (and his mother) 3 Credits + 15 Pumpkins
Fly Head
Argh! Show up on a date with this and find out if looks really don't matter. 3 Credits + 15 Pumpkins
Evil Clown Paint
He'll make you laugh until you cry 3 Credits + 15 Pumpkins
Golden Microphone
Get yourself heard! 1 Credit
Golden Sunglasses
The future's so bright you gotta wear shades! 1 Credit
Golden Spotlight
All eyes are on you! 1 Credit
Mars Walk
It's out of this world 1 Credit